Tuesday, May 19, 2009



...doesn't mean that I have to like it.

Detroit is my home town, and contrary to Steven Perry's wail on 'Don't Stop Believin', I have never heard anyone say 'South Detroit'. I hear 'Southwest' all the time ... Perry Watson made Southwestern High a premier basketball high school, but I can't imagine anyone local saying 'south Detroit'. Maybe he confused it with Philly ... oh, and only Chicago has a 'north side'.

Anywho, my hometown has pretty much done good by me. From late nights catching the Grand River bus up from a night doing whatever on 'Greek block' (they call it 'Greektown' but its only ONE STREET?!?!), to walking thru Brightmoor in the late night back home, it hasn't done me any real harm. The only times I have been 'drew down' on, has been in my beloved Carolina and in Georgia.

I have a 'love-hate' with my hometown because it could be so much better. Had we had real municipal leadership, it would have made a world of difference. Pittsburgh, which was a one horse town, bit down hard and has switched how they do things there. Detroit the city, mirrors the condition of the Auto Industry. There is no direction, and I have to wonder if it this won't be the first big city to become a 'regional pit', full of the waste and garbage from the outer Metro areas.


One of the sneaky aspects of 'Mission Creep', is that it only begins after you start reaching some of your aimed for goals. Otherwise, there would be nothing to 'creep' from. You'd be still 'engaged' in the dynamics of achieving your marks.

There are some things involving my Best Sister that contributed to my worry of 'Creep', but I will do what I have to do on my end. SHE is going to have to want something to happen from her end, if she wants what she claims to want. Also, Nebraska the person sometimes gets impatient and expresses her concerns. I try not to pay her much mind. I may be going there because of her, but it is NOT for her. It is for me. She is a catalyst to be sure, but not the 'end all, be all' that represents why I am headed out there. It is for me, to be sure.

I haven't explained it to her, but when I left the 'provincial town ...', I gave myself a 18 to 24 month window. If things went super special, I would be out of here at the end of this year. If not, should I be journaling from this spot at this time next year, there'd be some 'splainin' to do.

Should her life take her where she hopes it does, then that is her life, right? What ever it is I do, is going to be on me anyway. What would it mean for me if she wasn't 'there' when I get there? That is a part of my 'Creep', what would it mean for me, should she not be there to help me get acclimated, to simply help me GET THERE in the first place.

Whatever it is that I think would take for me to get me off to a good start, is what I am planning for. Of course, money is a big, big factor in this equation. There is also some logistical details that factor in as well. And when it comes down to her impatience, it violates a tenet of mine, the 'you can tell me what, or show me how' rule.

She thinks I should move out there, because her spot is more conducive to what she knows of me. This we are in full agreement on. I have an idea of what I am getting into, based on the lay of the land, the 'special' that she represents, and my own sense of self. Add to this my previous experience, and this was for me, a done deal the moment she came up with the notion.

If she wants me there NOW, then tell me how I should make that happen. If you can't tell me how something should be done, then you have to let me do it the best way that I know how. Can't wait for that to happen, then you do the heavy lifting. Period.

She does NOT have to be there for me to go out west. And that is part of where the six month 'overtime' comes in. I feel good enough about myself to grab a dart and throw it at a map ... just as long as it doesn't land 'down east'. Too darn cold messin' with the ocean and everything! Plus, all the creepy stuff in the mini series 'Storm of the Century' may yet happen!! Would rather NOT be in Maine for that!!

Thinking about anything other than making the move happen, only complicates things for me. I don't 'what if' much of anything, no more than absolutely necessary.

Well, it is late enough ... tomorrow going to the DIA and doing some stuff at the Penobscot, with the pleasant ladies at the F.O.C.

Oooh, what fun!

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like this year is the year to be there if at all possible. I know you would do well without the person there, but it would be so much better if they were :o)