Thursday, October 9, 2008


Me and Serendipity are like, really, really cool

My ex-wife could not STAND whenever there would be issue that concerned the family unit, how I would chain myself to the most positive result, almost ignoring the possibility of something negative happening. I would respond to her concerns and doubts with the phrase that I have to blow the dust off of, hadn't used it in quite a while now.

"See, I don't worry about the worst that can happen, because that is what happens to other people, it DOESN'T happen to me!"

So I have a desire to 1) try to go back in my past to find a once love and make it a new love (crap tv show be darned, it is well know what a bad idea that is!), and possibly 2) moving to the middle of nowhere to be NEAR someone who has said they aren't into me 'like that'. This also doesn't take into account my health and stability issues ... man, doesn't this seem like a recipe for tragedy?

How cool is that?

12. "If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them in spite of all obstacles."

To be as 'bright eyed' as I am, I had to have something to 'mitigate' the prevailing feelings that exists in life, the 'you can't' crew that only sees failure ... FOR YOU and your pursuits. They never look at themselves and what is going right or wrong in their lives and give good advice based on that. The just want to tell you how doomed, your ambitions are set to failure.

Life is good, and it can be great, if that is what YOU make it.

Mookie stopped believing in the good that could be achieved in life with me. Cool, but for the life that she wanted, I think that the horse pulling that wagon has left the station. See, it is never enough to just 'want'. The part of the bargain that separates those who 'did' and those who 'didn't' is the 'pursuit' part of the deal. How hard did they chase what they wanted?

As I have said, I know that it is normally a bad, bad, VERY BAD idea to date and go after an ex. But man, I have met so many super cool and nice women, that I wanted to give 'my little fairy' (that is what Tee Jay called 'it') a break, and go and find someone who have and understanding of what I bring to the table, and they could imagine the direction their life would head in, with a degree of certainty, rather than the 'crossing of fingers' that goes on at the start of a new relationship.

From where I sit, many women fail to understand that they aren't daises anymore, that they are flawed and have Dom Perignon on their minds, but Olde English money in their pockets. Far be it from me to infringe on their hopes, but my thing is, what makes MY WANTS any less likely than THEIRS?

My style of leadership is taken from a cat who knows a thing or two about leadership, Sun Tzu. He said that a poor leader is one who says, "I did it." The good leader is the one who says, "They did it." But the best leader is the one where THE MEN says, "We did it!"

I know what being taken for granted is about. Angry ex wife, in our sit down, admitted to that. Didn't take a mental heavyweight to hear it in Mookie's voice, but with the both of them, it could have been concern for the uncertainty they face. Since they can't take a joke, screw 'em.

See, I believe very much in myself and what I bring to a relationship. The thing is, finding someone who values those things and shares in a vision that we can achieve.


Beth said...

Mark, hearing your outlook on things just makes me smile. In a very good way, I mean! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and your willingness to work for what you want to achieve is so admirable. It makes me happy to read you.

Hugs, Beth

a corgi said...

I like your attitude about chaining yourself to the positive! that's a good attitude to have; and you are right; life is truly what you make it and I know you work hard to make it a good one for yourself :)


abaleman666 said...

so mark i am confused-- are you gonna post to both or is 'stars' gonna retire? hope all is well, and i am the one with glasses.


Tawnya said...

Well, I would have to agree and I am on my own quest to be more positive in my life... Not as easy as it sounds!

Malagutigrrl said...

Why couldn't you be a chick????

Myra said...

Why should you settle for less than you deserve! So many times people do, and they are miserable, but by their own hand. Kudos to you to know what you want and go find it...wherever it may be.
xoxo ~Myra

Mark and Elayne said...

I found you via Beth and Betty, and I love your journal and your outlook. Can't wait to read more.

abaleman666 said...

welcome back mark!

i dont know if going after an ex or a former flame is a such a bad idea after all, and i 've already told you once i think you're far braver then i to go such great lengths to make a new start.

the ex thing...people CAN change for the better and grow and mature, and it's better to find out if they did or not then to pine away forever, operating on the 'what if'. with the ex and the d, i certainly don't have to worry about the 'what if', and i can put my mind off of them and move on.

xxalainaxx (who loves blogger better already!)