Saturday, October 4, 2008



The name of my new blog over at, is A Friend On The Backroads of Life ... I have no idea why I can't make a link to it ... but that is the name.  I use the name 'Big Mark243' to post over there, so I hope anyone who wants to find me, can.

This is picking up from my last post over there ... now, on with the show ..!


I moved out at 9 a.m., and I do mean, 'moved out'.  I have experienced a breakthrough of sorts, cycling.  I have gotten faster and can keep pace with the urban 'Greg Lemond's' of the metro, which is cool.  I have always felt that they looked down on me, now I can draft off of them and stay close enough to make them feel uncomfortable!

Going downtown, I arrived at the Creperie, got a breakie crepe and then went to the Astoria Bakery across from the Greektown (which is REALLY 'Greek-block') and locked my bike up.  Once inside, I realized that I didn't have any money and needed to go to the credit union inside the GM building.  Figuring my bike was safe, I decided to walk the half mile or so to the GM.

Did my thing at the C.U., then went back to the Bakery.  Sat and read the paper, had my coffee and cookie, then got on my bike.  Went a half block when I realized I didn't have my helmet.  Went to Astoria and it wasn't there ... I could only hope that I left it in the credit union.

This is a part of what is my 'new normal', and why I put so much effort into keeping a stable state of mind.  Things fall 'off the table', and I can get a little stressed.  More on that later ... so I saddled up, rode to the GM and went and found my helmet.  Now, I did have a destination, but I thought about how I was going to get from 'here' to 'there'.


I went from the GM to the SMART bus center on Woodward.  I asked which routes I needed to take to reach the Fairlane Green Mall, in the 48101.  Getting the bus info (the SMART buses have bike racks), I felt that I could go out Fort Street and find my way to where I was headed.  So I chose to do just that, and took off, heading in what I hoped was the direction I wanted to go!

The 'whatevers' still had a hold on me, and the thing about me riding out like this, is that though I have been there, places are only familiar to me.  When I was in the Mook's provencial hometown, sometimes my surroundings would 'morph' and I would feel like I was somewhere else, somewhere I had been before.  That happens in Detroit, like never.  But things are 'fuzzy' to me at times.  But I read 'the NEWS' (North East West and South), and I can plot a course pretty darned good.  Based on that, and my uncanny 'luck', I went out after it.

Neat trip.  Stopped by a quirky resale shop, and when I reached the Rouge River, I got to see a big freighter sail at a drawbridge.  Don't know where 'Fort Street' became 'Oakwood Blvd', but since the Mall was near that street, I knew I was on the right path.

I made it to where I wanted to go to start my day.  Went back home, lighter both physically and mentally.  Rode my way back to me, being me!


Tonight, the Buckeyes play the Badgers, but the game is at Camp Randall Stadium (you do know Wisconsin is a party state!).  That is a trip I want to make, because the atmosphere this is supposedly ... wait for it, LEGENDARY!

The Buckeyes are going to struggle, because they simply aren't as good as they are made out to be.  This is going to be the game where they redeem the season, though.  Buckeyes in a close, tough, game!

Michigan State can start their dark horse run, by winning at Iowa.  Me and Nebraska ran into one of the stars for Illinois player Mom when we were together in Chicago ... and they had just handed it to Ohio State, and I had a OSU hoodie on!  We shared a laugh and a smile.  They will win at Michigan.

Okay, hope all y'all find my new blog ... anywho, take care ..!


buckoclown said...


Here is the link to your new blogspot journal.  When you changed the name, it messed with things a bit, but I stopped following and refollowed.

Enjoy your football day.

luvrte66 said...

I liked what you wrote about riding your way back to you being you! Sounds like it was therapy by bicycle, and that you had a great morning. Glad to hear your load is a little lighter. :)

Love, Beth

lv2trnscrb said...

seems like you had a good morning and a good bike ride!! glad the ride brought you back to you being you :)


malagutigrrl said...

sounds like a fabulous day!  I'm gonna go a-huntin' for you...  

frankandmary said...

When people look down on you, it is usually about them anyway. Seems like you work at that uncanny "luck."
Lighter both physically and mentally~ THAT sounds great to me. ~Mary

Beth said...

I'm your first follower over here...doing the happy dance. Glad you got your "Stars..." name. Yay!

Love, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Mark, another comment, welcome to Blogger with your transferred journal. I am a 'follower".

a corgi said...

yea!! it worked! I heard people have been doing this!! I'm thinking about just deleting my other one; haven't decided yet but I have a bit of time to decide

cool, I'll follow you here :)