Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Took my test in Intermediate Algebra and while I could not form a coherent answer for the extra credit question, the rest of the field I did “cipher” my way to an answer.  And my struggles made me think of why I believe that I am such a positive person, even if a reader could point to some stuff in my blog as evidence to the contrary.

See, I have never been afraid of hard work.  I am sure that if the crappy idealists on the conservative side of the aisle could package their message a little better I would prolly be a Republican even now.  Unfortunately, I grew up and realized that the conservative movement was more about denying opportunity that allowing for it… has been ever since President Reagan, and since his administration the party has devolved steadily.

Anywho, I never thought that anyone necessarily “owed” me anything other than what I have earned.  So that I have my struggles and obstacles now leaves me unfazed, as MOST EVERYONE face obstacles and struggles of their own.

I rarely panic and find motivation in the “bear chase” scenario, where if there are two hikers being chased by a bear, one of them only has to be faster than the other and not the bear!!  Right now I just want to pass my class, not necessarily be the best Algebra student in class!!  Though adjusting to what seemed effortless at one time in my life, but now is a full struggle with academics has left me frustrated, I also know that I am not asking myself to be that brilliant person in class… as I have indicated, we have settled for that “advancing person” and I have directed myself to pass my classes.

Right now I have been experiencing a rolling of dark clouds on my horizon.  There have been moments in the past few days where I have wondered if I can make it, so much seems to be just out of my grasp.  But after a little moping, I pull up my big boy underwear and keep on with the journey.  And this is part of my journey…


These are pictures I took a few weeks ago at the intertribal Pow Wow that was held at the Fort Omaha campus of Metropolitan Community College earlier this month.  It was a well-attended event, and I really enjoyed being a part of it.  The same bad art that can normally be seen at most local art fairs was present at this one as well.

I have never been one for getting deep into the ethnic cultural significance of things, so the whole dance thing was lost on me.  But I do respond to mood and energy, and at the Fort Omaha campus there was plenty of that.  All the children seemed to be really enjoying themselves and there was no unruly adults messing things up while I was there.

Because I have decided that I want to REALLY rip up and get back into rounds, I have decided to hit training as though I was getting ready for a boxing match.  I am going to utilize both gyms, and I will even go get on a scale too!  I will get back to posting stuff in my other blog, talking about becoming fit through exercise, though I may throw in some tips about eating and supplements as well.

The pictures that I have taken are going to be representative of my “before” looks.  I did not take one in workout gear because the “popcorn muscles” are in place, whereas the bulge just over my beltline indicates that the “hard candy” muscles have a way to go.  I think it would be very incompatible for me to post those kinds of pictures and still whining about weight loss.

I did not get on a scale either Monday or Tuesday, but I will do so later today.  In fact, I got the tape measure ready and I am going to see where the inches go on my body, too!!

Maybe I will find the energy to go grocery shopping today… The fridge is empty!  I do wish that I had gotten a small freezer, but I will get one eventually.  Got my early voter ballot and will be sending that back in today!!  Also, today is when I have my yearly evaluation for my subsidized apartment.  Hope that it goes well… I don’t have everything I wanted to have but with what I got, I am going with!!


Thomas said...

Somehow corporate interests have corrupted both parties to the point they've lost their core values. I think there are a lot of people, Republicans and Democrats, who feel like their party has been hijacked.

Good luck with your new exercise routine!

Ken Riches said...

Go with the workout flow, I am slowly ramping up again.

FrankandMary said...

I never felt owed anything either. And you usually wind up with more when you aren't spending time worrying about who owes whom what.

I like reading the exploration of the interior of your head :-).