Thursday, October 4, 2012



I have made the decision to drop my classes this term and go back to school next term.  This has been a choice that I have agonized over for most of the term and now it the time for me to do what I know must be done.  Prolly give out more details (for those who are interested) the next time I decide to make a post.  What I want to do is assure you who are into my comings and goings that the goal has not changed.  I still intend to finish school and my ultimate goal is a BA in something.

Madison (my bike!!) is again being troublesome!  She needs new tires and it seems a new back wheel as well.  Along with my television being out, it is one annoying thing after another around here.  But THAT IS ALL THEY ARE and they are trivial annoyances at that. 

Again, there are no worries about me and school.  It could be worse… I could fail, have the marks go on my transcript and THEN that would be time to worry!!


What you with this post is a compilation of my “before” pictures.  I have been hitting my marks this week so that I can get into a training cycle and really cut some pounds. 

Now this is more than Nixxie’s comment about “where is the six-pack” when she saw the picture of me and my sister at the latter’s wedding in November of 2010.  I do not want to be operating on achy knees and worrying about creaky shoulders  when I am 50 years old... in JUST A FEW YEARS FROM NOW!  Good condition is not something you begin and expect that things will have turned around in short order.  I know that I am not in the best of form and with the other complications I have regarding my health, this is an area that I am going to assert more, if not full, control over.

The weight that I am working with is 252 lbs which is what the nurse said when I went to the clinic for routine ‘script refill.  Saturday I plan on taking my measurements and posting them here as well, that is, when I get the chance.  Between the Ohio StateNebraska game and Princess and her boys, as well as work, I may not be on the computer much if at all, I hope! 

Along with keeping track of my progress and sharing it here, I will also describe my routine and why I am doing the things that I am doing with regards to my aim for overall fitness.  My camera records so there is a possibility that you can watch a cat actually do his work.

Another thing that I will do this month is actually make use of where I work!  There are different machines and equipment at both (my gymAnytime and Pinnacle Fitness (where I work) clubs that I plan on making good use of.  Both places have great resources in the trainers at both gym… almost all of the trainers at Pinnacle have BA’s in fields related to being fit, and of course Laura is a former world champion body-builder, and there should not be anything else needed for her resume or explanation of her qualifications!!

 Jenny, my supervisor at Pinnacle Fitness and Laurie, who runs the exercise classes!!
Laura and me at Anytime Fitness!


♥ CG ♥ said...

I know how difficult the decision can be to drop classes, Mark. Not to worry, as long as you have the overall goal of completion in mind that's all that matters. It took me 10 years to finish my degree so I know it can be done :-)

That corgi :) said...

I think it was wise to drop the classes this semester, Mark. I truly believe you will reach the goal you have set for yourself to get a BA; you are one, like I have said before, that does plan and put those plans into action so one day you will get there! And I truly do think you'll do great with your fitness plans/goals too!


Beth said...

I think it's okay to regroup. You're not're making a strategic decision to maximize your resources and reserves. I know it's still your goal and you will get back to it ASAP!

Good luck on your new workout regimen! I know you'll dive into that with full commitment!

Enjoy the weekend, and GO IRISH! (Playin' the Hurricanes at Soldier Field this evening.)

L&R, Beth

Ken Riches said...

Tactical moves are proper sometimes. Taking a break and getting fit again sounds like a great idea. I am currently at 225 and would like to get down to 210, so I am going to look for an on-line app to help me track and post. Lets start this journey together!