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Okay, I really identify with Tebow… most of it is out of assumptions I have made about who he is and how he has dealt with acclaim and resentment.  Can I ask you guys to tell me that you doubt that he won’t work his tail off to get better?  Do you not believe he won’t take the tepid endorsement of John Elway, and Elway’s promise to work with him, and make the most of the opportunity as he can?

And then, if he DOESN’T make it as an NFL quarterback, do you think he will look back at what happened with bitterness?  I do think that normal for even the most positive cat is to look back à la Sinatra… but who knows?  Maybe it will make as small an impact on him to where it is something he never mentions.  I think it is kind of like that for people that give it their all, you know?  That is why when you have ‘clear eyes and a full heart’, that you simply cannot lose!


So the San Francisco 49’ers won a very exciting playoff game against the New Orleans Saints, with their athletic tight end, Vernon Davis, providing very clutch plays that directly contributed to their victory.  You remember Vernon Davis, don’t you?  If you read this blog regularly, you have a vague association perhaps.  See, Vernon was the person that Mike Singletary unloaded on a couple of seasons ago and sent him to the locker room during a football game.  “Can’t win with them,” the sports anchors on ESPN repeated with glee.  But dontcha know honey pie, they took that ENTIRELY out of context?  Or is it that they failed to provide context for Singletary’s statement.

Making a point of how during the same season, a few weeks if not the very next week, both coach and player were seen hugging it out after a tough, hard fought victory.  In the off-season, Davis would admit to being a little unprofessional and saying that he prolly needed to mature more.

So let me get this straight… because unless I have missed something and let me tell you, I was at first looking for a reason to not like ‘Timm-uh’, when and where did he thank his God for a victory?  Skimming his book, he has seen first-hand where God is doing his work, using him as a vessel for those efforts.  I don’t believe that as humble as Tim Tebow is that he would flat out ask for God to help him on the football field.

You are going to have to provide a quote and reference for the quote because I am not buying it.  I have only caught him close… and I mean close, not even crossing that line, where he publicly admitted to asking ‘you-know-who’ for help on the field.  But even then…


Sherry has producedanother entry that I can connect with as she finds a way to describe what it is like to experience problems with your nervous system among the other breakdowns that go on with her disability.  And unlike a lot of folks who can only bemoan their plight, she has a dignity that keeps me coming back to be there for her.  Even though I am sure that we’d have a difference of opinion on certain things, they do not merit any reason to not care about her and wish that I could ‘be there now’ if she needed a friend or something.

I so totally get “The Thin Line” she talks about here… in fact, I am standing on one of mine as I write this.  If I could describe “the static” that plagues me as eloquently as she does with her “Thin Line”, I would.  But every time I have tried, it seems whiny and I don’t think of myself as a whiner.  Besides, I am too busy trying to draw on lessons from my small successes to the lessons gleaned from others, well-known or not, to concentrate on putting my thoughts to my condition.  The entry I made about my ‘what’s what’ islike only the third time I have ever looked at my full diagnosis… and I would have let Nebraska read it and even ask me about it but… an-knee-WHO..!

Because my experience has been one in which whenever I have spoken to what is confounding me or affects me personally, I receive shrugs of indifference.  It has happened too long for me to reasonably expect anything different, and yet…

I enjoy being a positive force for not only others but for myself as well.  The time for butterflies is before the lights go on and the curtain rises.  After that, it is all ‘get into character’ and be what you are.

Got back the most recent quiz in College Algebra… and when the early birds arrived and started their good-natured ‘math is hard talk’, I spoke up.  I told them that, “… I know that I am struggling and I spend enough time in the Math Lab getting help, so when I sit down and I am taking the quiz, I can’t think anything BUT that I got everything right!”  Of course the conversation returned to their friendly but for real PMS’ing about the class and how it is structured.  I got quiet and tried to pull myself together.  It was a hard day, forgetting this, not ready for that, but guess what?  I showed up and that is more than half the battle right there!


It is sooo easy, too easy I think, for people to give in and let things seep into whoever they could be, whoever they would like to be, and allow for the moment to get to them.  After a awhile of doing this, it becomes easier and easier.  And then what do you have?

Like I said, show me where he said “Thank you Lord for leading us to victory,” so I can change my opinion of him.  Link me up to where he stood in front of a horde of microphones and cameras and begin talking about “the Lord this,” and “the Lord that,” when I know the HE KNOWS that God create them so different that they don’t even relate to one another.  I mean if he is this Jesus-crazed Christian that the eff-ed press wants you to think he is, don’t let me wallow in my ignorance, hook me up!

What do I mean about “showing up”?  Despite some events that were contrary to what I am going to assert about myself, my ex-wife still prolly gets moist thinking about a cat, and not just because of my “athleticism in the bedroom”.  She knows and I think she really knows that I could be so much more when it comes to being a partner.  I already have a love for her little girl that I don’t like to consider BJ as ‘her girl’ alone.  That is my daughter’s oldest sister and for the first 4-5 years of BJ’s life, she was my ONLY daughter.  There are other episodes that I just don’t care to mention that would leave an indelible and positive mark on her heart with regards to her 1st husband…

…and one of the biggest qualities is the same kind of “be there” qualities that Tim Tebow has demonstrated on the football field.  He commands a certain respect that when you ask defensive players in the NFL about him (as Sports Illustrated has) that they “give it up” for him.  My ex-wife understand that there aren’t many people who would do what I did do to try to make our marriage work, which was quit boxing,  and be happy with the decision, NO REGRETS.  The biggest reason that it hangs around is that when I need a go-to reason for not wanting to have a date or anything that will be it.


Sorry for boring y’all, but the Tebow thing, it hits close.  It seems like people are creating out of cloth and fashioning a reason to hate not like Tim Tebow.  I understand if folks on the ‘God Squad’ give you pause.  Hey, the cats in the LDS hook ups on their bike creeps me out and the same for those folks who knock on your doors on Saturday mornings.
But I like to think that Tim Tebow, once you are his friend, you remain his friend.  You could call on him and at 3 a.m. he’d drive to your house, with a tarp and a shovel in his trunk.  The same way that I’d do (well, I would carry the shovel on my bike and the tarp would be in my back-pack but you get the picture) if it was needed…

Now when he starts talking about those things that I can’t accept, then I will deal with that.  But Tim, not all the hypocrites and false Christians you know or have contact with, when he begins to be this person, I will look at him again.  But I won’t let a manipulative media tell me what to think or describe to me something that I can plainly see for myself with my own two eyes…


Beth said...

I LIKE Tim Tebow! I didn't want to , but I do. Butttt......I kinda think the whole "tebowing" thing is getting out of hand. It just seems so contrived to me now, and "just for show". I think if he wants to pray, then go right ahead. but do it in private now. do a little prayer thing if you have to, but to get down, in front of the camera and people and tv cameras....well, maybe im just a cynic. But it seems "fake" to me now.

It's what you do in Private, when no one is around....that's what will tell you something.

Have Myelin? said...

=) =) =)

I love my Broncos but I like separation of football and God. I mean...what if he was Muslim? Or Jewish? And, shouldn't he do his prayer circles when the other team has injured players too?

And, and, and, my dear Santa Mark... don't you hate it when we have to talk about religion AND football instead of simply how great this guy named Tebow is? How humble he seems to be? How great his character is? The charity work he does...and so on... (no mention of "tebowing")

And thank you for understanding the thin line - it's nice (well, not niceeeee but you know what I mean) to have someone to do that walk with.

Beth said...




There are many more examples. I don't hate the guy, I really don't. But as I said, I wish he would just shut up and play football. He's obviously a very decent young man, and I applaud him for helping to build a hospital in the Philippines. But you gotta know that his constant Jeebus talk is a distraction for his teammates. I would also think that it makes his teammates feel a little resentment when Tebow thanks, first and foremost, his lord and savior. He might want to thank the O-line first! ;)


FrankandMary said...

While I agree with you that Sherry explains it very well...I have NEVER read a whining entry from you. I could explain all my unusual thought content, but then someone would send the guy with the net, so I don't ;o. ~Mary

Have Myelin? said...

Santa Mark don't whine. Not ever!!!

And Mary, I'm trying to comment on your blog and it won't let me. That's a whine. =p