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Had I know that this would have caught my notice the way that it has, I’d have used this topic to have discussed the last ‘Rules to Live By’ post that I made.  You cannot convince me that Tim Tebow does not seem to embody the ideal expressed in the rule that states, “There is a time in a battle where both sides may consider themselves beaten.  Then he who continues the attack wins.”  During his winning streak there were several games that weren’t only dramatic comebacks but so unlikely that perhaps there was something… aw, that wasn’t it.  Circumstances, fate, randomness, those are the things that are in evidence in life.  But so is will, determination, and stick-to-itiveness.
Now at some point and time I may have to establish distance or at least create a buffer between me and Mr. Tebow, sort of like the one that those who support Coach Joe Paterno have to create, so that they can justify to themselves their allegiance to him along with his negligence in this matter.  Recently I heard a clarification on why Jerry Sandusky was stripped of his ‘coach-in-waiting’ status in the late 90’s.  Usually when someone is considered a CIN, they usually maintain that status until the head coaching position opens up.  But Sandusky curiously was taken out of consideration because it was felt that he devoted too much time to the Second Mile foundation that he was a part of.  Odd that this also came AFTER the first occurrence of Sandusky’s abuse, the one that involved the Asst. head coach and the 10-year old boy, where the assistant said he heard ‘smacking sounds’ (in one story) coming from the shower where he KNEW Sandusky was in with the kid.  And don’t play like you don’t know… you most certainly can tell the difference between smacking sounds and ‘smacking sounds’.  The assistant claimed he had a hard time telling Paterno exactly what he suspected, but I feel that somehow the news got out.  So, from top lieutenant to bam! Hit the bricks is a big, big jump don’t you think?  I am afraid that there is more mess to come out and if Watergate did nothing, it made clear that the cover up is often worse than the crime.  But in this case, the old saying isn’t true.  In fact, this is the kind of cover-up that keeps victimizing its victims.

POLAR ICING FIGURES (language advisory)

Before I was a cat with three daughters with three different women, I was a smart, sort of effeminate, bougie black kid who was seen as having no street cred.  Not only that, I was seen as a ‘wanna be’ and in all my travels, I don’t think there is a place worse than the Motor to be called ‘an oreo’.  But there I was, growing up in a place that was so not into soft brothers, trying to be whoever it is I was going to be.  So I have had a long career of being someone who is a polarizing figure, and that it was an experience I gained even before I knew I was a polarizing figure.  I have told myself that this is a time where being a little ignorant actually did me good, because instead of trying to hide and conceal myself, I have learned to appreciate and grow with who I am.

Polarizing figures tend to make us react and see ourselves in a different way, and for some, it is drenched in self-righteousness and for others it is fraught with ignorance.  Then there are some for whom it is a case of misguided ignorance, where they are aware that there may be more to something but conveniently ignores this possibility, so that they can maintain an air of ‘plausible deniability’.  Tim Tebow is one of those people who benefits from the ignorance of both his haters and supporters, and who remains a lightning rod of a figure.

One of the things that I wonder is how many people who are rational, generally clear-headed thinkers, are so outrageously wrong about Tebow.  Unless I missed something, he does NOT ask God to help him win games, at least as much as it is out of line for asking of the Lord.  In looking up the topic, there is too much for me to try to include in this entry and you are either going to have to research the topic yourself or trust that I did due diligence, cause I am not going to be linking you to anything.  If you are a follower of a Christian faith, you are supposed to ask for exactly what you want to be delivered unto you.  And there goes the freakin’ logical fallacy of God being too busy to intercede in a football game.  I could never do something like that, but then again, I am not among the faithful.  Those who are, it is their rules so guess the fuck what, IT IS COMPLETELY OKAY.  It does not say that since Cindy Lou says God is too busy that he can’t stoop to helping you win the game or for the bake sale to be successful.  So I wonder why people who aren’t ‘in the club’, feel compelled to say what Tim Tebow’s God will or won’t do.  God kills grandma, innocent babies, allows for seal cubs to be brutally clubbed to death and for the mega-rich who were central in the global financial meltdown to go free. So go the f*ck figure, alright?  Either you believe and follow the rules or you don’t.  But you can’t impose your understanding of the rules when you have chosen not to play the game at all.  Sounds about right to me… whether it is fair or not, well honey pie, you go ahead and run down to the safety of you cynical crowds.  I would rather make up my own mind, thank you very much.

I don’t like Faux News for the same reason I am so staunch in this area regarding the public face of Tim Tebow.  Roger Ailes has a better echoplex than Bootsy Collins, but the right isn’t the only side that are guilty of circular logic.  Those who consider themselves intellectual and liberal thinkers need to stop listening to each other and allow for different voices to be heard.

As often and as scrupulously as I follow Tebow’s comments, I find NO EVIDENCE of his proclaiming anything in the name other than the opportunity he has to do what he does.  I think once or twice he has slipped but DAMN MAN, he has to hear the same questions said different ways, and more than one of those asking the questions are trying to catch him the heck up.  Geez Lousie Lasser, Mary f*ckin’ Hartman!!


While I have mentioned my ‘less-than-good’ qualities to demonstrate I am not a holier than thou, but thoughtful Utopian smarty-pants also need to get over themselves.  One of the things that makes the demonization of the elite class is that they are as out-of-touch with the masses as they themselves accuse others of being.  If good intentions meant something tangible, I think I’d be rich.  This isn’t saying that they have no value, but let’s be honest –no matter how much butter or sugar you add to them, they still leave a cat hungry.  That said…


Because I identify with the dilemma that Tim Tebow places on society, I feel like I get what the problem is.  See, he is pigeon-holed and with him spilling over into the boxes in the ‘ice tray of character and personality cults’, folks have a problem making sense of who he is (he’s Timmy dammit! I thought you knew!!), just as folks have a problem figuring me out, given some of the meme’s society has created for some aspects of my life.  The only reason I believe people are shockingly surprised is because they have closed themselves to whatever caricature they have of me, and that is how they judge me.

For an allegedly open-minded group of people, these same thinking folks are closed off when it comes to something they either don’t like or think that they can’t be wrong about.  As Tim Tebow is NOW, not later when he runs for senate as a super-retro candidate in favor of outlawing abortions, repatriation of illegal aliens, and forcing the coloreds to use separate rest rooms and pick the lettuce that Pedro isn’t being allowed to pick.  It bothers me because people treat him so unfairly and use the same kind of logic they reject when other use it to justify the oppositions position, and I have had to face that kind of sh*t for a long time.  It is f*cked up and people lose out on what could be possible if only they allowed themselves to let their thoughts breathe a little.


This is the type of thing that I latch on and hold onto in my personal relationship.  How close can you expect to become with someone when you know they are unwilling to look into something that is so damn facile.  And you want to be a part of my life?  Vainglorious!  How do I tell myself that we are going to have a great relationship when the leading indicators show differently?  I blew that reading with my starter wife, and as much as I regret losing Tee Jay, I would rather have been wrong about her, forfeiting happiness and love, than to risk spending the time in hell of discovering I am correct about a ‘rules violator’.

Why this is an axiom is actually attached to a life rule which I will get into later… and this will be the last of my super-black market essays on Tim Tebow and the horrible hypocrisy of the hater class.


LceeL said...

First, I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving me the courage to stand up for what I believe in and make this comment.

I didn't have anything to do with it. It was all Him.

*NOW do you see what I'm talking about?

FrankandMary said...

I still think he should just PLAY BALL...but you, well, I do believe you are proof of the benefits of neuroplasticity. (& your own hard work) ~Mary

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Hey Santa Mark, I hope you like awards because I just gave you one. =p

You can collect it or not. =)

Happy Tuesday to youuuuu!