Thursday, December 29, 2011



I don’t know if there are readers who pay close attention to astrology and the interpretations of the horoscope, but as a young adult I was told that I was a ‘typical Virgo’.  Cherry-picking from one broad description ofa Virgo traits and characteristics, whenever someone would bring them to my attention, I thought to myself “My, isn’t that special!”  I still did not put much stock into what others read into my star sign because I fit those traits before I knew or was aware that I am ‘supposed’ to be inclined to behave in a predicted fashion.

While this is only one of about a million-kabillion sites that profess to have an insight to the stars, this is pretty representative of what is said about a Virgo.  Some of what is said I don’t have to make stretch much at all to fit me.  Even so, I still put little stock into what a zodiac says, not because it is illogical to think that someone can be in tuned with the universe and divine such things.  But I tend not to pay any attention to horoscopes much for the same reason that eyewitness testimony tends to be actually less accurate in many cases.  People are only going to see what their minds allows them to see; I would not be surprise that what seems evident in my horoscope and clear in my entries, is still a mystery to others, if not outright bullcrap.  Some of my best relationships have been with people whose signs clashed with mine; likewise, signs with which I should have been compatible produced ‘less than good’ results.  So that is essentially that for that, when it comes to me and astrology.


Am I a philosopher?  “To live alone,” says Freddie N quoting Aristotle, “one must be an animal or a God.”  Adding his own twist, he adds, “There is yet a third case – one must be both, a philosopher.”  I can imagine his chest puffing out as he says this, ego inflating all the while.  Me, being a tad bit more modest, liked to use KRS- One’s response when asked, if he was a philosopher.  His answer, “Yes, I think very deeply!” Is both humble and an accurate statement, especially since the average perception of me is one of my being a deep thinker.  I have never been under the impression that I was not doing something that all beings do, make sense of the environment and draw on the connection of things gain understanding of where their relations to and purpose of their existing. 

What, you mean everyone doesn’t do that?  Use their ability to observe and draw conclusions that help them to shape their own direction in life?  Well, excuse me!  I thought that everyone uses their free will, conscious and intelligence to do that, but hey, assuming that is why they f*ck you when you are going through the drive-thru!

In my previous entry I mentioned that I noticed how things were going down with me and my relationships, but that was not when I tried to divine the course or ‘tracking’ I should make regarding my life.  One of the first significant philosophical decisions I made in elementary school, when the busing threw off the balance that I had with my school mates.  I remember as a child finding “The ParadoxicalCommandments”, and I made the choice to be who and what I believe, and to act on my own conscious without asking that the world treats me any differently for or because of what I do.

There was a time in my life where I tried to ‘relax’ and be more of a ‘go with the flow’ kind of person with less than good results.  Even though there were some good things that occurred, like reaching an understanding with Nixxie and Pecan Sandie, as well as my relationship with the ‘beloved Tee Jay’, things came apart when stressed.  Now whether this was due to inattention to detail or lack of being prepared for what could happen, the only thing that I was sure of was that I did not think through the situation.  So I went back to doing what gave me the most spiritual and personal satisfaction, which was to ‘ponder life’s complexities’.  Once I did that, I felt that I was able to pull myself up out of the depths that I had fallen, cope with the fact that I was impaired, and that despite what may not be ‘a favorable schedule’, that I could still go on and achieve…

Before I left for the Metroplex there were stirrings that maybe I should be a part of what I know is going to happen in my hometown.  Beyond being my birthplace and where I could get the best chocolate chip cookies thathave ever been created, there is a je ne sais quois about being ‘from the Motor’ that is a tangible currency, even in Detroit.  Beyond being tough and conditioned by some of the harshest societal elements, it is the things that can’t be quantified that make me and other expats different from natives wherever we go.  Maybe it is because I don’t simply ‘expect’ things to happen and I am fully prepared to work at making something happen(my name is 'Easy' but I go the hard way out!!)… because I don’t sense a lot of that in people around here.  Then again, I also am not going out of my way to get to ‘know’ the character of the Omaha other than superficially.  I already know that I am going to be a good citizen and contribute in my usual fashion to life here in Omaha.

This year is going to be about exploring the ‘unexplored country’, both figuratively and literally.  There are a couple of places that I want to go and there is a lot to see and do here in town as well.  I am going to get up and get after the things that I want to have as a part of my life and incorporate them into my character.


Beth said...

Yeah, I don't put much stock in astrology, but there are several traits of Virgos that fit me. But that's how astrology pick out what fits you, and ignore what doesn't, and then say, "Hey, that's me!" haha

Then it was all thrown into disarray a while back when they added another zodiac sign. I think that turned me into a Leo!

It's all a crapshoot.


FrankandMary said...

I think the astro is at some distance from the actual, but most people I know just use it for fun, not to plan(or de-plan)plane trips or love matches.

I don't(not by a long shot) think everyone uses their free will(some don't even admit it exists) & intelligence.

Jonthy Williams said...

Horoscopes (or horrorscopes) are designed to be an ice-breaker between people. No one should ever take them seriously.

Lovebabz said...

I am a fan of astrology...anything that shines more light onto human nature. I am a taurus... true. I am a creative of comforts and habit.

My passions runs deep and I am painfully loyal.

Earth sign.

I take them seriously. The star alignment of one's birth is divine.

Just keep in mind you always have to mix in, culture, family...bloodlines, and other outliers.

Besides, it is kind cool looking for zodiac traits in folks and possible love interests.