Tuesday, October 5, 2010


No, she isn't the Fly Skimmie, but another 'Kimmie',  Kimmiepooh has a blog that I read, KP Fusion.  She is part of the Mutual of Omaha 'Aha' moment campaign and she needs your vote to help her win!!  Click HERE to go see her talk about her moment and vote!!


Laurenne left a comment on my 'Saturday Musings' post, where I talked about one of the feeders of my last 'shake' being the Jill who flirted with me at the fitness center and my annoucing I was going to take part in challenge to feel and think positive thoughts for the next 3 1/2 months:

i love this challenge! And I think so many others (almost everybody!) needs to do the same when it comes to being a pushover.

You shouldn't do anything in life that you don't want to do.

Easy to say!

Also, I can't believe nobody's flirted with you! Don't believe it at all. My mom saw your comments on my blog and said you were (in her words) a hunk! ha! Moms.

Aw, isn't that sweet!  I am actually fine with no one flirting with me... and I am also cool with not meeting people for right now.  Part of the confustration that I felt in talking about Exercise Jill, is that I am going to have to adjust to really being alone soon.   The simple things that I have enjoyed doing are things that did not require another person's company, such as going to Applebee's and gorging out on their $20 bucks for 2 entree's deal.  I like the idea that I can hold that out as a 'carrot' at the end of a good week or keeping all my appointments and training dates.

Sometimes I do think about how cool it would be to have company... go to a movie or go for a walk in the crispness of the early fall... and how fun it would be to look forward to spring and pinic lunches (I can deal, but I don't like the winter... if I don't have to go outside for those three months, I think I won't!!) with a person who had the potential to be someone special to me... but I have had plenty of tries at that and that isn't a fail I am particularly looking forward to rediscover.

For instance, I think Nebraska and me will always have issues with understanding one another.  That is cool between friends because there is no big problem when someone stomps off mad... even best friends have to take a break from one another.  But when you mix in the relationship part and the supposed added intimacy of being boyfriend and girlfriend...

Yeah, maybe there were other women than Jill whose attention I may have attracted and unknowingly ignored or knowingly dismissed.  But as I hope to rediscover during the next 3 1/2 months of this challenge, is how much I do really like myself and my own company.


JStar said...

Thanks so much for your advice eariler...You were very much on point!

Being alone has peacefulness but loneliness creeps in every once in awhile...Its nice to have someone to enjoy those things with.

Lovebabz said...

I am looking forward to the aloness. Mr. Love and I are NOT working...try as I might...try as I have, we are still not in sync.

So unlike my painful divorce, I am looking forward to being ALONE. Love is all around. It will pinch me again :)

Glad to hear your working out the gratitude journal thing :) and I can't wait to check out the fitness stuff. I am interested in boxing...beyond the dvds. I am talking in a gym LOL.

Mizrepresent said...

So, does that mean that you have completely given up? Or just taking a break? I love being alone, but i don't cherish the lonliness...i want to hold hands, go for walks, have someone to go to movies with, have dinner, cook dinner, embrace, cuddle, enjoy life like a normal person...i know i deserve this and so do you. Hope it works out.

Her Side said...

Three years (almost to the day) passed after my ex-husband left and I met His Side. There were few times I was actually lonely during that time (in spite of the times I mixed-up fear with loneliness).

I found that I did like my own company and having reign over my personal domain e.g. space.

Some say that time alone gets folks "stuck in their ways." I say it better prepared me to share my life with somebody else.

I wish you well in your challenge.

laurenne said...

solitude is my best friend. it tends to piss a lot of people off though. oh well.
I'm loving your journey!
And your comments (you're truly the best commenter).