Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday was spent trying to wish the Lions to victory and visiting with one of my compatriots from the gym where I began to box.  It was completely random and the series of events that led up to our chance encounter could have given rise to all kinds of mystical thoughts.  But I left that for him, since he is studying to be a minister.  We had a nice conversation, catching up on other boxers and the road that we have taken to get where we are today.  He wanted to know 'Why Omaha?' and I gave him an answer that was along the lines of 'because its there'.  I really didn't feel like pulling it together for the sake of our conversation, the editing and formatting so that 'why Omaha' does not seem so random.  Anywho, he is doing well, been working for the DPD for the past 18 years and is happily married.  He told me that he has been following my career and that made me blush a bit.  We may get together tomorrow, to watch one of his son's football practice.

I put lil' Jessica up because that was another thing discussed during our conversation, how the both of us were always joking around and having fun with being alive.  No, I did not tell him about my condition or my most recent state of mind, preferring to go with the idea of my having been a 'ray of sunshine' for most of my life, which is still a phrase that would be an accurate way describe me and my personality (though I have been a bit of a a-hole lately to Nebraska...).


I don't have any suggestions for anyone as far as helping with Lovebabz challenge.  For me, whenever I am seeking change with pretty much anything, I begin with me.  Once you start to take the action that you want to see happen, I believe you discover what makes it so difficult to implement on a larger scale.  Being the change that you want to see is difficult enough, but once you start being this new person you will become a example to others and while you may not see it, the ripple you have created will go on an touch and effect others.  Daily affirmations like the one little Jessica is giving herself in the video acts as great example to the enthusiasm and commitment that one should make to themselves.

Part the conversation I had with my former gym mate, how person's influence extends to others without anything being done consciously.  He knows of my sibs and asked how they were.  When I told him about the twins and my darling brother, after offering his condolescences (both for mon frere et ma maman), he spoke of how inevitable that those two would end up doing what they did, given the attachment that we had to one another.  I shrugged my shoulders and started talking about Richard Pryor and stuff ('talking about Richard Pryor' is what I say I am doing when I am not going to speak at all on a subject or topic in a conversation), but it reaffirmed what I thought I was doing as a big brother for my sibs.

Hmm... not really a whole lot to say.  Other than a general good feeling, I don't have a heck of a whole lot going on.  Need to get up and get a bike wrench to take my pedals off and pack my bike.  Might put that off to tomorrow.  As long as I am packed by Saturday Night (btw, one of my biggest pro wins came in this town... on a Saturday night!!)


JStar said...

Change always starts with self...Desires to change thing about you, eventho they may not be easy...It doesnt happen over night...Good luck :)

ninamm said...

She got it IN!

Joann said...

Jessica's a cutie.... and she sure has the right idea!!! I need to take lessons from her, and MAKE the changes I need to make!!

That corgi :) said...

I think it was neat you reconnected with a friend from former days, even if it is just literally when you are on your way out of town, Mark. I don't think it was a chance encounter, but that's just the way I am :)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hard to believe it is so close. Glad you are feeling up about the whole situation.