Sunday, May 10, 2009



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CBS Sunday Morning did a story on this soldier who was injured in Iraq with serious injuries and unresponsive.

When he was visited by THE Gen. David Petraeus in the hospital, the General gave him the ol' dry you can do it talk that you give someone in that condition. After all, what can you say to someone who suffers from such a catastrophe?

But before the General left, he said 'currahee', which is a Cherokee word that the 'Band of Brothers' in the 101st say to rally on. This is the emotion that I think is part of thinking from what you know best.

While I was only briefly attached to the storied 101st, I can imagine what it means to many of the soldiers there. And it is obvious that it is very inspiring for this young officer. It brought him back from limbo ...


The 'Prairie Home Companion' was from Durham, NC!! I was about an hour east in Wilson. I loved how they played on the riviarly between Duke and Carolina. They also went on about the differences between the Southern Hospitality and the Stoic Upper Midwest.

You'd really have to listen to the segment to 'really' get it. But the contrasts seemed to be accurate to me, between the South and pretty much anywhere I have ever been.

Spent enough time in enough places to know that the folks in the Mid East are super cool and nice. I loved it down there, in the Commonwealth, and the Carolinas. Even though the Peach State left me uncertain about it, it still tasted sweet!


A very cool CD by His Name Is Alive. One of the things that DEFINITELY gets a short shrift here is how I feel about Carolina. It feels like home, and I could easily see myself going there. I would be closer to my two little girls, and I can pester Skye to come see me, if nothing else, she can have a place to go if she needs to 'find herself'.

One of the things about my confidence growing, is that if I can manage to get myself west, then why couldn't I get myself ANYWHERE? As I build up, the stuff I have to do to go somewhere, anywhere is pretty much the same. Why wouldn't I want to go somewhere like Greensboro again? I mean, that time in Carolina, operating from there was the best times of my adult life.

Raliegh is like most capital city/college towns, with a nice mix of cultures and peoples. If I remember correctly, it is very bike friendly, and I could go to school at NC Central (if I am that close to an HBCU like that, I may as well go to it!!), or if I did settle back in G'boro, go back and finish what I started at A&T.

These are but passing thoughts. I feel so much more comfortable with checking out Nebraska as a place to live. I only hear good things about it, and have great intuition about a life there.

Yes Beth, I do hope something occurs between me and her, but no Ken, that isn't why I want to go there. For one, the only way it won't happen for certain, is not to be open to it. Yet it isn't necessary part of my rationale. Hope that makes sense.



Beth said...

Man, if I were moving somewhere, I'd go back to Carolina, if only to get away from the brutal winters. We've talked about how we don't want to deal with these winters for the rest of our lives, but we have a ways to go before we get to that point!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

That video is very amazing, it brought tears to my eyes.

a corgi said...

I think you need to give Nebraska (state) a chance before you consider Carolina; only because I know Nebraska has been in your plans for awhile, Mark. I think if you don't at least spend enough time there to evaluate whether or not you truly like the area, you will always wonder "what if". But again, I know you make great plans and put lots of thought into them so wherever you decide to settle will be the best place for you.

That was an awesome video to watch; I didn't watch the whole thing, but was touched with what I did see.

enjoy the day


miss alaineus said...

it's amazing what can motivate someone at their darkest hour.

i nominated you for an award. come on over and pick it up!