Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not that one ...

... but the other one.

I don't know why, but like everyone else who loved 80's music, the name 'Jenny' brings up the vision of Tommy Tutone and his song, '867-5309', about a cat getting whatever he was hoping to get from Jenny.

When I was a lad, getting up in the '0-dark' hours to run, I would see the working girls, strolling, trying to get that one last ride to the 'Dew Drop Inn', where they would ply their trade.

After the movie 'Forrest Gump', I started to refer to them as 'Jenny', because I wanted to normalize them in my mind. See, I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to grow up and do that, and it was such an exploitative thing. How many of them got 'tricked' themselves into working, and what about what they hoped for and dreamed of?

Same with Jenny from the movie. Now, I didn't read the book, but I have thought that Wiston Groom's 'Jenny' in the movie was decidedly unsympathetic. I think she represented the agglomeration of all the girls and women that blew him off in his life. So she was seen as flighty and not knowing what was really best for her.

Really ... I am not so sure. There is a brief hint at the trouble she had in her home, and while it wasn't her story, the inference I got from that was she had troubles that she had to work thru as well. When I moved to 48203, I would see these women, who came from where ever to find themselves walking up and down Woodward Avenue.

Refereing to them as 'Jenny' seems to me to be more humanizing, respectful. I didn't know their story, other than to think that it was sad. I wonder what they would have been, if they weren't led down that path.

The reason I thought of Jenny, is two fold. One, is that there is someone who I am reading, who is trying to put things together after his girl left him. And it relates to me, indirectly. Because he is having trouble getting it back on track, and I know what it felt like for me with Tee Jay.

Between his feelings for his girl, my feelings for Tee Jay got pulled into view by MY JENNY, who contacted me online last week. But that is for another day.


Now that I can do links, I need to figure out ... nah, I'd rather not. I was going to ask about putting awards and such up permanently, but that isn't me. FOR REAL. I don't keep that stuff, even though I know I should have. Anyway, Alaina gave me an award, and I guess I am supposed to put this on other people ... have to check with the ol' Magic 8 ball on that too.

I figure I can give you 10 things about me that you didn't know. Or maybe clear up by accident. Here goes:

10. I have a problem sleeping in the nude. Even after 'doing the deed'. It is something I can't help. I can cuddle and all that, even frolic, but before I lose consciousness, I will put on SOMETHING. Have not the foggiest idea why, because if you'd ask me, I am not insecure with how I look, physically.

Will be 'nude' around my place, going from the shower to wherever. But I will not sleep in the nude. Even in my own place and I am the only one there!!

9. I putter constantly. If I am not doing something, I will start doing something. I don't think that I am compulsive, but hey what do I know.

8. When I was little, I used to sleep with a string. I would play with it and live in my own future world. At about 7 or 8, it evolved to a sock, that I would carry with me to the service, where I would lose it at 20 in Korea.

I could not sleep without it. My darling brother started out with a straw, and moved to a string, which he called 'Daphne'. I didn't name my string, but the sock I had, I kept the same sock for those 12, 13 years.

7. I don't ride the rides at amusement parks. No reason. I went on stuff as a tween, but after the service, I didn't feel the need to find enjoyment in doing stuff like sit in a car that climbs nearly a quarter mile in the air and come rocketing down at 60 mph. I don't like that pirate ship that goes back and forth either ...

6. ... but I will do what I have to in order for you to have an enjoyable time. Went to Kings Dominion with Nixxie (pre KT), and I had told her that I didn't do amusement parks. When we got in line, she looked like she was going to cry, she looked so hurt. I sucked it up, got on whatever she wanted.

Thing is, I enjoyed myself. Making her happy and being a part of her good time was more important than my being an a-hole, and ruining her weekend.

5. 'I don't care' is THE WORST thing I can tell anyone. Whenever I say that particular phrase, it means just that. Move the hell along, because if you didn't understand me, I don't care. Should you persist, you risk not only the relationship with me, but you own freakin' personal saftey!! If I have to explain what I meant by 'I don't care' up close and personal, I will do what I have to, in order to make you regret that, because ...

4. ... THIS is one. You know how people 'the next time' they are going to do something about something? They usually don't. How many times have women let their boyfriend 'disappear' for the weekend, even when they have plans? "Oh, if you ever do that again, we're thru!!" I know enough guys who have called their girl, gone to voice mail and get told that 'the battery was dead, and would you buy me a new phone (oh and while you are shopping, pick up that Baby Phat outfit I want as well!!).

3. If someone does something cross to me, and I decide to bite down and get thru it, that is on me. BUT, what ever it was, it WILL NOT be tolerated again. I don't play with anyone. End of that story, because I have ...

2. Drove a stolen car. A couple of them in fact. Did get caught up, and my Mom had to pay for damages and such to keep my record clean. Weird thing about it, is that it WASN'T with the rowdy kids, but nerdy friends of mine who would take cars as a goof. Would drive around and put the car back in a different parking place. Last time, we banged the car up, and I got caught up and I took the rap.

Ma Mere paid the freight and it didn't have to be settled by the police. But I was in trouble for a long while.

1. Wow ... can't come up with a #1! What, that I read as a tween, Judy Blume? That I box but can't dance? Since I haven't been holding much back in my journal, I don't know what I haven't told you about me!


She so shopped. Or so the girls in the salon suspect. "Go shopping," urge the ladies on the cube prairie. So stupid, the both of them. But I do like shopping at Kohl's!!

If I come up with a #1, I will post it. Next entry, I hope to delve into how to deal with the unsolicited reminders of the love you lost. We shall see. Hope I did this the way it was supposed to be done, and I want to thank Alaina again for the award. Peace out, y'all!!


ThomasLB said...

I've long thought that "I don't care" is the cruelest thing to hear from someone.

Beth said...

I enjoyed reading your list, Mark. It was actually quite hard for me to come up with 10 things like that! Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Interesting list :o)

I don't care should only be used, as you indicated, when you truly don't care. To say that to a friend or spouse when they ask you something is disrespectful.

a corgi said...

WTG that you can do links Mark! I liked reading your list of 10; all interesting and I did learn some new things about you. I think we all have 'skeletons' in our closet that we would rather we hadn't done (like driving stolen cars, driving drunk, etc) but most of us eventually learn we need to act a bit more responsible and law abiding, especially if the law catches up with us.

I'm sure most "ladies of the evening" don't plan on becoming one when they were little; wasn't in their career goals I'm sure. But then life comes along and takes over and sometimes you just got to do what you got to do to get by


Indigo said...

Congratulations hon!

If I get to the place of saying "I don't care"...you can pretty much bet I'm done with either you or whatever we are discussing. It's something I don't readily say.

I think it's awesome you went ahead and did the amusement rides. I hate going on them alone myself. (Hugs)Indigo