Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Cleaning ... STILL!!

Actually ... I am GOOD!

Watching the news conference this morning with the new head guy at GM got me to follow the media watch on that story about GM and their bailout. Though I do think that they are unnecessarily harsh with the Auto Industry, and that there seems to be more concern with the financial markets (which is more 'smoke and mirrors' than anything else), I did personalize a lot of what I saw as 'happening'.

Then, I read the paper. *SIGH* And it begged the question, does Detroit deserve to be saved?


When Connie Calloway was brought in to run the school system, there was a big whine because she came from a small system, outside of St. Louis I think. Whatever. Didn't mean she couldn't do the job. I was in the provincial town, jogging 'round with the Mooks, so I can't say what she did and didn't do. But the gist of it is she took on some of the cronyism and slovenliness of a badly managed school district.

They fired her.

Now, their is state appointed cat, who is finding out that Connie was right. There is waste, overspending, poor bookkeeping, you name it, they are screwing it up. There is supposed to be no district sponsored travel ... yet in Freep column, Rochelle Riley wrote that school board member Marie Thornton had not a problem with the order ... then announced that she and several other board members were going to be attending a conference in San Diego. WTF!?! On WHOSE DIME, I wonder?


I love my hometown, I really do. If it shook out to where I was to remain here ... uh, let's not speak of that too much. Anywho, the municipal officers and elected officials just don't get it. And no, I do know that not only are their larger cities NOT as mismanaged as this one, towns that have once been in decline, are now decent places to be. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore are three that I know of. Downtown Chicago puts ours to shame. This place has been bleeding population since the late 50's and now it is hemorrhaging people.

There is something very wrong with the city ... is it the water? I could try to unravel that, but I won't. It is beyond me, anyway.

I do think that the so called middle class is getting squeezed like a pimple. But the problem here, is some malicous 'they who sit above in shadow' group that pull the strings, but the city and its people. that is what makes things 'sting' around here.

Now, some of what I raved about, I still stand behind. Not going to get into what, because that is for me to know. In some 'personal personnel' news, Tee Jay called ... and no, there wasn't any whiny take me back talk. If anything, I copped to what I did wrong, and also why I chose to do what I did after the mess that I made. Restated that yeah, I feel you still, but right now my mind is set on getting over you, because I don't want to be wondering about anything when I leave.

Yeah, I did tell her where I am going. It is different for a man in a situation like this. If a woman was talking this talk, it would be crap, because she more than likely is trying get some attention and all that. When a man announces his intent, it means that is what he is taking a pass/fail test on, period.

Had to get that socio-political burst out of my system ... and that is a good sign. I don't have a lot of angst and pitying in me, not for myself. It means I am looking forward and expectantly at my future. That my mind feel light enough to bear to think about something other than how I am going to get somewhere, means I am calm about what I need to do.

NEXT: More music!!


Malagutigrrl said...

woooo politics first thing in the morning! Not sure it all sunk in...

Beth said...

It's so sad about Detroit. In so many ways, it's such a cool city, but I also wonder where things went wrong.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

If you get a chance to pick up the latest issue of time (April 6, 2009), or go to time.com, there is a good article about rebuilding Detroit.

Her Side said...

While I saw the socio-political discussion... of course I got stuck on the blurb about Tee Jay. I really need to search the archives since I'm fairly new here. It sounds like a recent breakup (and you know I'm fascinated by relationship stories. LOL) I need to read-up and catch-up on that one. :-)