Tuesday, June 25, 2013



I am well.  I would say so if I wasn’t (maybe).

I think about my starter Wife and all the women that I have ever encountered that have said that “black men ain’t no good” and have made utterances such as “all men are dogs and a dog is a man and the like.  She is also among those women who believe that their woes in love and relationship lie heavily on the paucity of good men, and that their “innate goodness” should not require that they make any change to their character.  Many of the women are lost to the ballads that repeat the same uninspired lyrics of heartache in spite of the inherent goodness of their womanhood, as they go through life with blinders to their own faults and inconsistencies.

An oft repeated “Myth” around here is the “yes, a no, a straight line, a goal” ideal.  I want to imagine my life in a vector that would resemble this statement.  I sincerely believe that is the key to my happiness lies in having all the “points of light” on my life map to give off the look of a straight line.  From the scene in “Glengarry Glenross”, to “Coach Singletary”, from my “formula of happiness” and love of all things Nietzsche and Orwell, I am left at a loss at anyone who doesn’t “get me”.  In fact, I take slight offense at people IRL who say that they don’t get me.  I mean, how could you not?  As often as I repeat the same themes and principles that matter to me...

...and while I am tracking to a defining entry, my repetitive nature is not injury induced.  I was a soldier for 4 years and I remember an officer explaining that, “repetition saves lives”, and his explanation made not only military sense but philosophical as well.  I don’t care what field or discipline a person is successful at, the ability to maintain a constant focus and unwavering effort in the area of their particular field is what allowed them to reach their own pinnacle.  If you want to perform in Carnegie Hall, the one sure way to make that a reality is “practice, practice, practice”.  

I interpret “practice” as “grinding”, a concept that I picked up from hockey.  No matter how skilled or physically gifted a person is, if they are unwilling to work, their talent doesn’t matter.  And many times, being able to grind away toward a goal means you can’t be afraid to suffer, afraid to hurt, and on occasion take a risk or two along the way.  The willingness and discipline that it takes to remain focused on a goal is rare, which is why those who manage to accomplish this feat usually are celebrated and rewarded by society.

A lot, if not all, of any acrimony or contempt that I have for people is when I feel that they are unwilling to “do what it takes” in going for their desires.  Not that being risk-averse is a flaw, but when it is coupled with cowardice, it inspires disdain in me.  And now we can get back on track with my outlook on relationships and what not.
The myths that we have in our individual meta-consciousness that form how we see and interpret the world becomes our reality.  If you see the world through a tube, your vision will be limited to the scope of that tube.  Then when the tube is warped and manipulated by outside influences, which also sees reality through a limited vision, you have a Tea Bagger (or Sarah Palin!!).  And eventually a cognitive dissonance (hey, this term will appear in these pages again soon..!) asserts itself... but in relationships, I think that the many women find themselves still desiring the very thing that is represented by the
object of their discordance!  (SEE: Wife, starter)

Vanglorious!!  And the same goes for projecting your fears and insecurities on someone.  Yes, men are sh*tty, and I would know as sh*tty as I have been in my life toward women.  BUT, not only have I vowed to myself to not be that way, I have also put the philosophy IN PRACTICE, so it is no longer a theoretical but a function of my character.  But women who suffer from cognitive dissonance in the form of confirmation bias, are unable to do so and thus, the circular thinking begins...

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