Sunday, June 10, 2012



Flat Ruthie had a full first weekend here in Omaha but I will post more about her time here tomorrow. Right now, I want to talk about feeling better and how this video of German rapper Peter Fox is full of all kinds of "win".

Discovered reading a "Cracked" article titled "4 You Tube Music Videos That Will Make You A Better Person", this joint "Alles Neu", is so awesome that every American rapper who is thinking  of making a video should be made to take a semester course on how to make an awesome video, featuring only Peter Fox!

Here is a link to the song lyric's translation but like with most translations, there is something lost, so, as the Cracked article mentions, it is better not to "know" what he is saying and to let the voice be another instrument used in the song.  It is prolly better for the article to describe why this video was chosen for the article.  Needless to say, Peter Fox will prolly gain quite a few new fans thanks to the exposure he will get from Cracked!!

I was fumbling around and found this video by Clever Pie and that is exactly what this video is, clever!  Whenever I read a blog post about the addressing of a "hater", internet or otherwise, I feel a twinge of envy.  I have not had the pleasure of having a person read my blog for the express purpose of trying to turn my words into something hurtful or shameful.  Shoot, if I was putting this out here with the thoughts of gaining pity or sympathy, I would still fall way short of that!

Having long ago accepted the role of anti-hero in this so-called life, there is not a lot, if there is anything, another person could say about my ramblings and make me feel worse about it.  For instance, when I told Nebraska's co-worker about the length of time that has passed since KT and I saw each other, there was a pregnant pause on HER end.  I am sure that she could not imagine any kind of relationship between a parent and child where such a thing happened.  Sure, she prolly could have understood it empirically, but to face it as a reality and wrap that around her image of a person, well, that is something else entirely.

Anywho, I am a WHIPPED puppy (another idiom that may bother some people) and while it does not seem as though it will be difficult getting the pics from the camera to the blog, I am not going to do it tonight.  Honestly, I am not sure WHEN I will do it, but it will be soon!!

Tonight we are getting some much needed rain, but I am going to have to get some heavy drapes or something to block out the western sun.  The "greenhousing" of my apartment makes is steamy and my little AC can only do so much!

And if you did not enjoy the videos, esp. Peter Fox's, then the only thing I can say is WATCH IT AGAIN!! That video is SUPER GREAT, why are you PLAYING!!


Ken Riches said...

A happy whipped puppy!

mrs.missalaineus said...

i feel that way when trying to explain the metal lyrics to peeps- sometimes's it's better to let the voice be another instrument (like in really good jazz) then to worry about the phraseology.


Jonthy Williams said...

The Peter Fox video is something else. I like the ape picking his nose.