Wednesday, June 13, 2012



…but since I do not check my box daily, she may have slept an extra night in the mail bin!  Our first weekend together was pretty cool.  The Omaha Art Festival was going on and Nebraska was working as a volunteer and we went down for a spell.

There was music and the normal fair stuff going on.  A lot of school projects getting passed off as “art”, which is the norm if you attend functions of this nature.  Ruthie and I did pick up a funnel cake before we looked around at the exhibits.

The Gene Leahy Mall is a nice place to go for a walk.  There is a creek that runs through it and there are swans and geese hanging out there.

Ruthie and I came upon this cute group of kids and their Mom said Ruthie could pose with them!

There are a couple of slides that were featured on the Epic 4Chan blog earlier this year in the mall.  Ruthie and I did not go down the slides, but we did meet these two at the top of them and they let us take this picture.

Last weekend was also the weekend of the Warrior Dash, which is this big national event.  Nebraska and two of her co-workers were a part of this year’s edition and man, there was a ton of electricity present!  There were literally thousands of people either signing up to run, running, or washing off from their run!!

I was so very proud of the girls for pushing themselves.  This was NOT a run for the meek, with torturous hills and obstacles scattered throughout the course.  I AM going to run this course next year!!

Flat Ruthie has a lot of cousins!  I say that because when I would ask people to pose with her, they would agree and mention that she was like “Flat Charley” or whoever else travels through their avatar.  That was cool and I really enjoy being part of the phenomenon.  Friday's post will have the pics from the Run!!

This weekend is light.  I am doing an “IG clean” (the Army’s version of “Grandma Clean”) of my apartment for KT’s visit next weekend.  Maybe I will take Ruthie to a movie and let her see what we “Rave” about here in Omaha!! 


That corgi :) said...

She looks like she had a great time, Mark! How cute the little ones posed with her and everyone has their own stories about adventures with other "Flats". It is kind of fun to do this; it makes one stop and be creative in planning their days :)


Have Myelin? said... cute!!!!

FrankandMary said...

Yup, lots of cousins.
The first time someone approached me with one I thought the guy was some creep using the strangest pick-up line in the world. ~Mary