Sunday, January 15, 2012



Okay… my last algebra test was a case of ‘fail better’.  I mean, I made sure to go to the Math Lab where I am expected at 9 o’clock every morning Mon – Thursday… next week, it will be time to hit the writing lab which I don’t frequent as much, but enough to where I heard one of the tutors asking someone about me… and if you don’t know why a person of the opposite sex is inquiring someone secretly about you, then I may need to give instruction on “how to pick up hints and clues before you make allegations,” entry!

Sometimes I wonder if I am a little delusional (wink,wink!) because I left school Thursday after grinding through my quiz thinking that I may have scored 100%!  I ALWAYS leave taking tests thinking that I have gotten every question right because that is just how I do!!  I think that people are off-put by my confidence and faith because I have confidence and faith!  The way that I see it, if you put in the work and believe in the efforts you have made, then you get to expect the best of all results.

I sit and talk to people when they are concerned about things and I ask them if they believe in the work that they did, did they follow the processes to arrive at their answers as they were taught?  Always, if they answered ‘yes’, I tell them to ‘worry less’.  I know that is what I do!!

Taking the quiz, I erase and make sure that I go back over the steps … including solving for ‘x’.    If things check out, then the ‘glove fits’, I move on to the next problem.  That is why I always leave the room thinking that I have gotten all the questions correct!

In my comp class we are reading our claims aloud and getting feedback from our classmates.  In order to get sincere and honest feedback on my paper, I FIRST contribute and participate in commenting on others, legitimately telling people that their papers sound intriguing and the thing is, it is the truth!  I am really looking forward to the papers and I hope I get to read as many of them as possible.  I think in a class of 19, only one, maybe two, may be clunkers.  The rest are not only interesting topics but seem to be in very capable hands.  I am actually looking forward to seeing what is on other peoples mind, even the conservative views that I may have quibbles with.  They seem like they have strong feelings that I can learn from.


I suddenly sprouted between 8th and 9th grades.  Folks still did not think I was ‘black like them’ but fewer were inclined to voice their opinions to my face.  Shoulders rounded, biceps cut, a lot of thought had to go into the decision on whether or not to f*ck with me, and so they didn’t.  And the reason I said that is to say…

… I get to talk like I do because not only do I have the ability to present my argument but if things devolves… p-p-p-pow!  It’s welcome to the gun show!  But more importantly, it secures my well reasoned argument, or so I believe.  It allows me to project my opinion in a way that compels people to consider my claims, if nothing else.  That is another thing that being confident allows me to be, to take up positions no matter how dicey they are, and secure and remain there, often making the other party either concede or reconsider what they thought.

But that is me… not only do I have the ability to persuade people but I am also willing to be persuaded myself.  My opinion about Christopher Hitchens formed itself prior to my injury and it came with me as I catalogued my thoughts.  Then I mentioned something to Beth about how I felt about ‘Hitch’ as she affectionately refers to him as, and do you know what I did after that?  I researched more of his writing, watched some interviews and you do you know what happened?  I saw him in a different light and am now inclined to agree with her (mostly) on Hitchens and his legacy.

You see what I did there?  I took a position, researched the other side of that position, and weighed what I thought I knew against what I would learn.  And voila, I learned something and gained a better understanding about the things that I did not know or had bad intel on about Hitchens.

Regular readers know that I feel that Ron Paul and the faux-New Objectivism that many of the utopianism that they espouses are wrong headed.  One, many of them haven’t even SEEN the movie ‘The Fountainhead’ let alone read the book.  And yeah, I am going to go to Redbox and rent ‘Atlas Shrugged’ to make sure the concepts of Objectivism are still as off-the-mark as I believe they are.  But I won’t sit and wallow in my opinion without first at least TRYING to figure why ‘they’ say what they do and why I SAY what I do.


Currently I am on a Tim Tebow rant.  I am doing well, if still going through ups and downs with my pal, mon amie, l'objet de monaffection, le facteur décisif de mon passage à Omaha, Nebraska.  Maybe we will get things right and maybe we won’t.  C’est la vie!  Talked about my school and getting ready to do my Pell Grant.  And you are now up to date on your brother from another mother!

What gets me about Tebow is how uncomfortable people are with what they THINK about him, about the things that they feel about him because he is making them question their beliefs… and THEY ARE NOT DOING THE DAMN THINKING.  They may as well be back in the 50’s and thinking that the blacks are doing fine because they have their own stores and their own shops to go to (eh, there might be a case made, but not in this blog, and not today to be certain) and neighborhoods and schools where there are other people like them.  And for real, that is the depth to their thinking (or so the Germans would have you believe) is limited by their preconceived notions about folks who aren’t scared to proclaim who they are or what they believe.  Maybe it is intimidating, I don’t know, and that is because I don’t care (and from me, I don’t care means ‘I don’t care’ and establishes how little I feel about the opposing view).  I want to ask you a question… do you any of you like the Baltimore Ravens?  How about Ray Lewis??  He is a great linebacker and for sure a first ballot Hall-of-Famer.  He was an All-American at the University of Miami, and played on a Super Bowl-winning team. 

Lots and lots of folks like him, including people that I like.  So because of them, I want the Ravens to do well, especially since I really don’t have a ‘dog in the fight’ this season.  Go Ravens and Reverend Ray Lewis, who also watched a friend of his murder someone at a Super Bowl, killing a father and a son, someone who was struggling through life with his children’s Mother and decided to go hang out with his fellas when the Super Bowl was in Atlanta.

So… whether there is cheering for the Ravens or for Ray Lewis, how come there isn’t as much demonization of him for his profession of Christ, especially when it comes conveniently AFTER he watched his friend LITERALLY kill a man outside of the limousine they were riding in.  A friend he would go on to obfuscate in his testimony, raising enough doubt to keep a murderer out of jail.  And what does my man Tim do in his free time?  You mean working in impoverished countries and helping out?  Is that what everyone is upset about?

See, go on and invest some consideration and weigh your choices.  Enough of y’all voted for ‘W’ and will prolly vote for some of the unelectables that the GOP will foist  upon the electorate out of alligenance to whatever excuse you claim instead of real policy.

1500 +

And I still have more to say about the conundrum that I see because of Tim Tebow.  I won’t let you haters of that freakin’ easy!  I am about to personalize it, so I will return to ‘journaling’ and not spitting into the wind despite having it blow back into my face….


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It is not hating on Tebow, it is not understanding why people believe that God would care about football...

Heather E said...

i am SICK of hearing about Tebow! hahahahha.

i have a new blog address- update your reader!

LceeL said...

No - what I object to (what I am upset about) about Tim Tebow is the "in your face" Evangelism - because the premise of evangelism is "go out and convert the heathens because what we believe in is right and they are wrong - and we have to save them".

Belief in God is a private matter - I don't appreciate having HIS belief in HIS God shoved in my face. Play football - save your preaching and evangelism for church.

You keep studying - UNCF said, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". Especially a mind a good as yours. I am SO glad you have returned to school - and that you are doing well.