Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tim Tebow and the Great Unwashed


Paraphrasing a quote said after Sonny Liston (and THAT is the cat in my profile pic..! But I like the ‘Santa Mark’ moniker..!) destroyed Floyd Patterson the first time, the New England Patriots win over the Denver Broncos once again showed that in a fair fight between good-and-evil, that evil must win.  Let’s see… the Patriots have been found recording their opponents signals which is against the rules and have skirted the edges of several other rules.  So lessee… are we really going to be thrilled and excited that Denver lost and we can make like Edward G. Robinson and join in a chorus of “Where’s your God now Tim?”  If people only knew, but that is why Jesus Christ asked that we were spared, for we don’t know what the f*ck we are doing OR talking about.

As a brother who still wonders why Rod Gerald didn’t get drafted or why it was so hard for Doug Williams after the trail blazed by the like of Joe Gilliam and James Harris (oh, my a** about links… look up the names for yourselves if you care to) before cats like Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon took black professional quarterbacking to a new level of acceptance, the quarterback of Tim was the way brothers played the game.  So some, but not all of the tension that black critics have towards ‘Timm-uh’, is because of deep resentment over the pigeon-holing brothers have endured.  Now, there is a little more to say about black quarterback that won’t fit in this post.  But since ‘sports’ here are seen as a metaphor for ‘life’, I am sure it will come up again.  But other than Michael Vick, it STILL took 40 freakin’ years to allow someone with Tim’s skill set to play the position as a professional and partly, and with great reluctance, shape an offense around those skills.  So to all the brothers (and sisters if you are one!), get the hell over it.  It isn’t like they kept brothers who were runners before they were passers (again, paging Mike Vick) completely out of the game.  Just the ones who did not have that quality that Tebow possess, and that is all.

While I am not sure exactly how highly touted Tim was going into college, I do know that he was much heralded going into Florida.  Like most major major colleges, Florida had a bunch of talented kids go there to find themselves behind other talented, occasionally even more talented kids.  And Tim Tebow is no different and if you did a Wiki on ‘Chris Leak’, you will find out why Tebow played FULLBACK for most of he freshmen year in Gainsville.  Didn’t know that you say?  Oh, I don’t doubt it… because of all the ‘jibber-jabber’ about how he is fortunate because they would not let black quarterback play that way back in the day, and how he still needs to work on his passing and progression reading of defenses… and how his ‘intangibles’ still should not mean he should deserve a starting position in the NFL at quarterback.  But why did Matthew Stafford, whose stats coming out of college were questionable if not prohibitive, get the chance to start out of college… and as much as a winner Andy Dalton was at TCU, Tebow won in the SEC, for goodness sake!

Moving right along… so Tebow split time and played another position to get out on the field, when he got the chance to play quarterback, he performed at a high level AND inspired his team.  And I don’t think that the Gators were a non-secular bunch of cats, do you?  But after their loss to Ole Miss, Tim Tebow felt empowered enough to speak for not only him but the team at a press conference, where he promised that he would work harder than anyone and that he would push his team to work harder than any other team.  Do you know who is allowed to speak out for others like that in team sports?  The UNQUESTIONED LEADER is.  Period.  The head coach at the time, Urban Meyer did not think it was out of place and did not say anything contrary to what Tebow said and never undermined the speech at all.

Listen to me closely.  If you or I had been on his team and if he, as the hardest worker and most accomplished cat on the team, had called everyone one out like that, don’t you know you have two choices; work hard or quit.  He was going to push you until your heart burst.  Is there anything wrong about someone who wants you to push to reach your potential?  Teachers, coaches, supervisors, mentors, whoever, does this each and every day… and guess what?  Not all of their beliefs are compatible with their mentored pupils or employees.  Is THAT soo bad?


…To be the captain of a ship?  As Phife said, if that is what you are, then you have to go down with it!  Tebow has shown that he is willing to go down with it his men!
For sure, if I had to be pushed by anyone it would be someone like Tim, whose work ethic an SUCCESS were such that they were unimpeachable.  Today’s game mean that New England is a better team right now, and that is all.  End of story.


So I am going to talk about this.  Is Tebow really asking for God to help him win a football game?  Has he ever given God credit for more than giving him and his teammates the ability to win the game?  Think on that… because the closest I think he has came isn’t when he makes such a statement but when some cynical a-hole projects those words and that sentiment on him.  With his life spent doing ‘good missionary’ work as a teen around the world, he is uniquely aware of God having better things to do than help him win a football game.  Or does he..?

Yet another reason that I am hard on myself is that I AM THE ONE WHO ISN’T HELPING MYSELF.  Whether it was in my starter marriage or with Mookie Dee, I never got help because I WAS NOT HELPING MYSELF.  Once I started putting my nose to the grindstone and dealing with my ‘what’s what’, do you know what happened?  People started helping me out, whether it was with words of encouragement, prayer or material things, help came once I started to do something to help myself.  I don’t know about you but do you get the feeling that Tim Tebow plays the victim card and waits for someone to come along and give him something, anything? Then because he is always preparing himself, if you DO give him something, he gets out and he does what he has been doing for most of the football season, he gets to working and making stuff happen.


I don’t apologize for Tim Tebow as much as I shed light and let people make their choices.  Again, one of the many reasons that the cat is so polarizing is that the projection of piety done to him by the resentful, and the cheering of the sheep, who contradict scriptures by not doing unto others as they would have done unto themselves, just rub and creates a problem.

This would not be such a passionate display if there were not so many negative things hurled at the false image of Tebow that people create.  Is he as ‘good’ a human being in human beings eyes as he is in God’s?  I don’t think I would get my panties in a bunch regarding Tim if I thought that people did not weigh his positive traits as if they were noble gasses, and they thought that their perspective were free from bias… because it isn’t. hell, I don’t think the question is about his religion as much as it is a question of our own individual morality.

Quit hating on Tim because he would go save Private Ryan AND find a way back to the rear, Private Ryan and his squad intact!  And unlike folks who hate Tim Tebow and the Christians that love him, Tim seems to remains the same.  And his ‘the same’ is  still a better person than many cane imagine themselves to be..!


Heather said...

I love my Timmy!
What I love most about him is how he handles adversity. I wasn't concerned about whether they won or lost last night... I know that people who are solidly grounded in faith can handle loss... in whatever form. Tim did what I'm still learning to do... be graceful in defeat, trust God no matter what the circumstances, and so on and so on. I was just about to blog about this and saw your link. Your post is excellent!

That corgi :) said...

Thank you Mark, excellently (is that a word?) written! So true. You know, it did not matter who won the game yesterday (the Patriots were the better team that played on the field no two ways about it), you said about the same that I'm going to say now, regardless of winner or loser, Tim Tebow is still Tim Tebow today. He is not defeated, he is not going to turn away from God, he is not going to give up what he believes in. I did hear several times commentators saying that Tim Tebow was looking forward to the off season to get a chance to work harder for the next year. He's going to continue to want to do his best in all he does, we should strive to do the same, regardless of who or what (or not) we believe in as a diety. And I truly believe that if God directed him or asked him, Tim Tebow would walk away from football in a heart's beat. I also think if the team(s) he played on never won another game, he would still give glory to God for who God is, for as you know, God is far greater and more interested in "just" who wins football games.

Again, great points Mark! This is one to reflect on over and over again! Thanks for sharing your thoughts like this!