Monday, January 9, 2012



I have some homework to get done and could make an entry about this term, and maybe this will be it. Now, where when I began keeping this journal and made mistakes, I attribute them more to fatigue and ‘brain cramps’ rather than the ‘static’ that kept me from writing and daresay functioning, to my highest capacity. It stems from a theory that I am finally putting into testing here in Omaha, the secondary reasoning that brought me here. This entry will touch on that but first let’s talk about some Tim Tebow.

The only time I was ever deployed in a military action, the operation resembled the same kind of operation that Bubba and Forrest got dropped into the ‘Nam in the movie (no, if you don’t know which movie I am talking about, then you don’t deserve a link to it!) only the difference was my deployment remained like that and it was not relatively short, it WAS short!! I don’t even mention that I went there and got a badge for it because it really wasn’t much. But what made it memorable wasn’t the mission but the readiness required of the troops involved.

Another young soldier, nerves telling him he was gung-ho about going, but I knew freakin’ better than that. I was a young soldier too, and the story had already been written and I knew how it COULD end. My goal became NOT letting the story end that way, at least not for me!

So I told the talky scared cat to “…shut the ‘eff-up, because I did not want to hear what he had to say, I am trying to listen to what the older cats who had been through this stuff are saying!” They knew what they were getting into and I didn’t, so let them do what they know, talk what they know, so I could learn and ‘know’ what they did about where we were going.

Now that we have entered the era of Orwell’s continuous war without end, I realize how fortunate I was for my era of military service. I did warn my sister about enlisting, but if you grew up in Detroit, it sorta felt, especially at the time, that it was a ‘six of one, half-dozen of the other’ kind of decision. The one thing that definitely tipped the scale was the opportunity to take similar risks to remaining at home, only there were benefits that merited the risk at hand. Or so it did to me at the time. Anywho, ‘knowing the environment’ is not only a question to ask for external discovery but for internal introspection as well. How prepared ARE you for where you think you want to go?


I don’t think it is surprising that this video appealed to me, all these free spirited people, who were brought together by a unknown spirit. Thing about this ‘spirit’ is that it is accessible to all and it does not have to necessarily be one that involves the kind of ‘whatever’ that takes place at a Burning Man festival. To each his own, I say, and to the places that they are going. They don’t have to be the same as mine, because they are up to the individual. But in the concept of a loveship, a partnership, this gets lost as one or even both parties lack the wisdom and capacity to share of themselves and allow for a goal, singular, to be shared and become ‘goals’, plural.

One of the benefits of my injury is that I don’t equivocate with my beliefs, my faiths and my philosophy. I can share what makes up these things but there isn’t much give on any of them. “If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense,” is another way of asking “what’s my motivation?” when it comes to this ‘someone who is that someone’. See, one of the things that I discovered while with Mookie Dee, is that as much as I may have lost due to the permanence of my ability to access information, I still have more than the average cat or kitten. That said, I don’t have any reason to concede on any level of personal relationship status, too much of anything.

I am willing to take and live with the decisions that are generated by the troika of my being. If I came out west and discovered ‘hell on earth’ then damn bro, you are caught short! Hey, I am the captain of this ship and if it goes down, then down I go with it!! But I am not, NOT, going to concede points based on logical fallacies, myths and ‘tales told around the fire’.

My experience has been one where I have learned two things. One, don’t compromise on my dreams, no matter what. Being ‘attractive’ or what-the-hell-ever was a bonus in my life. I did not expect it at least not at the level it has reached currently, to be a big factor in my life. I was willing do my thing and let ‘way lead me unto way’expecting I journeyed down the paths that I would take.

And if “Miss What’s Happening” is unable to provide conceptual leadership when it comes to the direction of our relationship, then she will need to ‘guard her grill and knuckle up’ because I have got a plan and this is how it is going down. And this is part of the reason that I do admire Tim Tebow… and it is something that I have mention in several of my ‘sports as life’ entries. When your best player or player who is in a high profile position, also happens to be your hardest work and the first one to encourage teammates, then he earns the rank of ‘team leader’.

Now I don’t think that Tebow is the team leader… on the Denver Broncos, Champ Bailey and Clinton Portis fills the roles on defense and offense respectively. What Tebow has done is win THEIR respect and because of that, is elevated because of what he has shown, what he has earned.

And THAT is what I can follow. Someone who not only is willing to learn the way, but also will lead the way into the dark shadows gladly, not with fear. Otherwise, get out of the way, cause there are things to be done!


FrankandMary said...

I'm on board with that last paragragh totally.
To answer the Intro questions:
1) Yes.
2) Sometimes, but only when I am psychotic. Then it is best to do NOTHING(except take medication & pet cats :-).
3) Every day.

Thomas Alice said...

Tebow does have some admirable qualities, but I can't shake the feeling that his prolific displays of "faith" are just a razor-thin veneer, a show he's putting on for who-knows-who.

Lovebabz said...

I dig the way you weave sports and real life all together! That is a real talent you have.

I like Tebow. I think he has indeed earned the respect of his team.