Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Monday was an eventful day. The good was the verification of my status at Metro and being pointed in the right direction regarding cirriculum. It was suggested that I re-take my assessment exam, as with my other scores showing that I should have done better on the part I blew up and getting a better score would allow me to take higher level classes. So for Wednesday, the mission will be to go and get that done, as well as getting an appointment with the disability liaison, to get that part of my enrollment covered.

Decided to treat myself to the movie ‘Thor’ and I was not disappointed. Because I have not been following the storylines for nearly 20 years, I had to give it a lot of room for creativity. In my mind, some of the lingering historical issues that come with inheriting a long running storyline, I thought they dealt with establishing characters well enough for me. And no, there is no need for spoiler alerts, because this is not going to be a fanboy critique of the movie. What the movie supposed to do, be entertaining, it did and it did so, very well. Of course, I could lobby for more of the most intimidating suit of armor since Darth Vader, but the movie is about ‘Thor’ and all I can reasonably hope for is they recycle ‘The Destroyer’ for use in future installments. After all, I think he is more a plot device than character… he can be used for more than being an antagonist. Anywho… let’s get on with this, shall we?


The latter of the two which would mean that the foundation of my life was as ethereal and non-existent as the myths we live by.

The details of my day may be discussed later on, after I assess the fallout from the consequences of unintended actions and accidents. Anywho, hearing that The Cars have a new album out brought back the memories of seventh grade and getting pushed around by some mean early developing girl, who was also one of the ‘mica babes’, and subsequently belonged to the elite caste of jr. high society. Whatever happened between me and her had no direct link to today’s song as it simply was something that lined up with each other and things began to form a pattern, a symmetry, that would make ‘sense’ to me.

What the song ‘Just What I Needed’ represents to me is a key ingredient for the formula that launched the ‘Jolly Roger’ (hoist sail!!) my plunder of panties on the high seas of love! At the start of the previous decade, the question became one of what kind of formula I would have without it, because like any vital resource, it seemed to be in finite supply and I did not want to get caught without it. And that resource is patience. In my marriage I thought that my ability to endure and wait until ‘it gets better’ was going to get me hurt badly, if not killed.


So maybe I squandered a chance or two as I ran where my horses ran free. When I finally thought I had it together, I realized how far I was from shore and that I may simply be adrift in the Pacific, as if I was Chuck Noland. But rather than long for what seemed so very far away, I found myself willing to embrace the inevitable, to lose myself in the solitude…


Lovebabz said...

This post has a lovely rhythm to it. I like it.

Toon said...

I was super hyped when I heard about The Cars reuniting for an album! And I'm glad you liked "Thor -- I'll still pass.

That corgi :) said...

heard Thor was a good movie; glad you treated yourself to it! good too to retake the assessment tests, good luck with it!


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I saw Thor, too. It was okay. The Viking really enjoyed it. He's the one who wanted to see it.

Love you, buddy.

Mr.Mischief said...

I rarely go to the movies, but Thor is one of the ones I want to see big time! Glad the school thing is going well, I took my placement tests the day I had the flu...was not fun at all.

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Mark, Good luck on retaking the tests. I am one of those who don't really believe in tests but it's a necessary evil I suppose. Thanks for your comments on my last blog. I appreciate what you have to offer with your writing. Lovebabz is correct, your writing does have a lovely rhythm to it. I guess I'll have to see Thor -- the escapism will do me good.

Have Myelin? said...

I know nothing about Thor. :-0

Whatcha going to major in, do you know yet?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope the reassessment went well.

Anonymous said...

First, congrats on blowing the test out of the park. Way to go!

Second, I once considered titling my CD "The Philosophy of Theory." My dad said, "What the hell does that mean?" I said, "That's the point."

Third, Your daughter is beautiful! So glad she's acknowledging you on facebook. That must feel fabulous.

Fourth, The Cars were the first "real" concert I ever saw back in the late 70s. (My first concert was actually Sonny & Cher. They had Chaz with them. He was a little girl then. My parents took me. I WILL say that Cher was every bit as dynamic as she is now. She never really needed Sonny. I read somewhere that the reason they ended up as a duet was because she was too afraid to sing by herself in the studio the first time so he went in with her and history was made).

So fun to read you!