Saturday, March 5, 2011


… but should not expect to complete them when they also have moustaches!

Because my apartment is directly across from the elevators, often when I open to go out I either bump into or see someone going in or out of the lifts. It isn’t unusual to see a fellow resident but I do think that I end up running into people more frequently because of my location. I am closer to the wash room for laundry and the disposal for garbage and make more trips to both. Eh, whatever. Anywho, this one female who lives at one end of the hall is someone I do see regularly registers on my ‘get-a-bility Geiger counter’. Mind you, just because there is detachable ionization does not mean that action will or even needs to be taken. Especially when the source object has a moustache that is thicker than mine.

I had just cleaned mine up after two weeks of letting it grow. Not that I meant to shave it off but two key hairs were clipped when shaving and that left me with an upper lip that resembled a north Georgia moon shiner’s smile. I took the other seven or eight hairs that make the mouse tail on my lip a bit more tolerable off and let it grow out again. The day that I felt comfortable with the trimming and the lining and those things there is that day that out of the blue, my more hirsute (I am assuming… trust you me, there aren’t ANY explorations planned for confirmation!!) possible admirer knocks on my door before descending to a building meeting.

Her knock was to remind me that something was going down and was reminding me. Or so the Germans would have me believe. I thanked her for reminding me and dutifully appeared at the meeting shortly there after. When I finally got myself together and went down to the meeting, in the minute it took for a second elevator car to arrive and take me to the first floor, I flashed to the other adults and children I have seen going into her ‘dorm room’ (and calling these apartments that is a stretch… not a complaint but I am jus’ sayin’) and briefly thought about what their connection were. Briefly enough to recall for this entry that it happened and that by recording this here shows all the depths of the thought that I gave considering what’s-her-freakin’-hairy face. And is all the thought that I want to give her or anyone else for that matter.


…something about being single and how it seemed like a double standard in society when a woman chooses to be single v. a man. My comment on that post was blabber because like with any display of creativity in the arts and sciences, it takes a bit of digesting before you can recognize what it is you have just experienced. But I don’t necessarily think that its any greater ostracized character in society than a single person who enjoys being single, period.

Another reason for my blabber was my lack of objectivity on the subject of her post and some of its content. Is it really worse for a woman to remain single than it is for a man? I don’t know… I think it is if you let it be. This is not to say that there aren’t DIFFERENT expectations for women and partnering up but I am so like look, pressure is pressure. I am reminded of what Jan had said when my ex-wife attempted to regale the sisterhood of a ‘fight’ we allegedly had, when comparing how being single is different for women that it is for men. When Jan was listening, she claimed to have said, “I have been hit by my brother PLAYING and I thought I would have to go to the hospital. If he hit you like you say he did and did not have to go to the hospital, then he wasn’t trying to hit you.” (italics needed cause I thinnk it went something like that) The point of that being when you have only what you know as what you can recognize as the end-all of things, taking that thing out for a walk, it may not hold up to scrutiny.

That is why there is such a difference in ‘theory’ and ‘practice’. Being to oneself, alone, is always going to be looked at by most observations as contradicting to what being human, being alive is all about. Maybe.

In nature, does each individual being make a pair? There are only a handful of mate-for-life beings, if that many. Of course swans do that thing there, but even with that arrangement that they have, what these animals do is partner, not remain faithful. The whole ‘I am going to bang only you’ thing is an entirely HUMAN creation and my thing about that would take me off on some other sh*t, and I am not going there with this post.

When I experienced my first ‘drought’, that is to say, after I had lost my cherry and decided that I liked the ‘ol’ in and out’ with the opposite sex after all, even if it meant having to listen to ego-shattering first impressions when I would make my approaches, taking on flak from ‘you name it’ stuff, one of the things that I noticed was how much better I felt about myself. The snide and f*cked up things that I did not think or even found tolerable, I did not have to put up with. Like the ramblings on my Facebook page about Huckabee, Gingrich and Palin. No, I don’t give a sh*t if you like or agree with them or not, I don’t respect what they represent or espouse and while I can still be your friend, uh, points do come off, because of the hypocrisy and unenlightened ideas they have. If those three are the image in their supporters mirror, those who ‘see themselves’ when they look into them, then it has to be a** that is looking out.

End the end, I am clucking about ‘the complexities’ that I do not have to worry about when I am not having to be concerned with the perspective of other people. Most, if not all, have some weird ‘double backs’ to our morals and principles that have some bull crap justification, just as they are supported often by some equally bullsh*t logic.

When Detroit, the one-time Arsenal of Democracy, the city that put the ENTIRE world on wheels, was still a big city, one of the things it was additionally known for besides murder, is how segregated it was and still freakin’ is for a city of its size. I have seen some tables that push Gary to the top of that list, but I am like other than the Jackson’s, old steel mills, are there any other things that Gary is known for in the world that matters? Anywho, the ratio of blacks v. whites in the Motor meant that I grew up in the Jackson, Mississippi of the north.


… here I will stop. My point being that there are too many kinds of isolation to make the claim that loneliness is ‘this’ for someone and to assume that it is ‘that’ for others. I much rather deal with magnitude of being alone v. loneliness and let Crom add up the rest.

Next, I will discuss why I hold Tee Jay in such reverence, still have my SFC listed as ‘Your Wife’ on my (her) cell phone and what it means to the bottom line…


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Harry face would be a non-starter for me.

* Ashleigh * said...

Does it make me a sucker to want to "mate for life"? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe more men have been taught to enjoy pleasure more than women, who are encouraged to experience it in the confines of a relationship. Most guys I know can tell me the difference between fucking and love making though...which is shocking since most guys seem pretty selfish when it comes to sex :/

Beth said...

I loves me some Big Audio Dynamite! And Talking Heads in the previous post. Good stuff!