Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Cause I am stiff as a board and I am hard like a diamond. And off into strong headwinds I go flying. Not standing still waiting for the storm to cease and if there is any change, I’ll report them to the commander of the relief.

Today was a hard day. Tomorrow will be a hard day. As I expect Friday will be. And the day after that is expected to be hard as well. It will not be any more and no day will ever be any ‘less hard’ than a preceding or following day for me. That’s life.

Having already flamed out taking classes when I was back in the cohab with Mookie Dee, I understand that it is going back to school will be difficult. But this may be decidedly more difficult that I previously thought. Where was that cat going in such a hurry at the beginning of the year to where he had to rush and hit me with his car??


When I was at A&T I used to have deep discussions about Christianity and what spirituality means in the life of black men with a roomie. I spoke to him via Facebook because his search led him to Islam and he now lives in the KSA, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with his wife and children. Because ‘boot on the ground’ reporting often conflicts with the ‘additive and hormone injected news’ that we are fed by corporate (because it is CORPORATE and not MAINSTREAM media that is the problem… Faux News is a corporate front for … dag, gettin’ off message, sorry!) media we get here in the States, I wanted to hear from someone that I trust when it came to the unrest in his country.

Between wondering about his view on what is going on in HIS streets and Thomas again with a post that struck a chord (see what I did right there??) in my mind that turned my thought to more pleasant memories.

I was still living out of my car when I would go in a Record Town in the Four Season’s Mall in Greensboro. They were having a sale on cassette singles and I purchased a bunch of tapes even in the face of emergence of the migration of music to CD’s (like I have said before… I am an analog guy in a Bieber 6G Fever world!!), I was still buying tapes and making mixes. I had been a fan of the Talking Heads and ‘Once In A Lifetime’ is one of my 5 favourite songs. But I only had that as well as the ‘Speaking In Tongues’ recording on wax.

When I got ‘home’ (which was essentially the moment I got into my lil’ ZX in the mall parking lot) I popped the tape into my car’s tape deck and drove off. Since WNAA wasn’t playing alternative music (even though it is a college radio station… what was up with that??), I had not been listening to any modern rock or whatever. It was as if the song was brand new and Greensboro began to feel like it was really my home. That was the only time I felt such a sensation about any of the places I have been to and goes to why I have so much affection for Carolina.  I like Omaha a lot and it does have the potential to feel as good a place as Carolina did to me... we will see, that much I am sure. Just like I did in Greensboro, I am not letting a bumpy start keep me from continuing to move forward.

Occasionally when I write of fond memories, I receive feedback that assures me that I am still on the path I thought I would need to be on with my journal. And that is more than okay. Anywho, I hope y’all enjoy this song and I will be back tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel!!


Tawnya said...

You know, sometimes places can feel more like home than actual home to me. I might fit in better there than at home.

Hipstercrite said...

talking head references all around!
you're a very good writer, mr. mark.

Delta said...

you are still exploring?

LceeL said...

I'm glad your head can find its way back to places you felt 'comfortable' - but what did your friend now living in the KSA say, anyway?

Thomas said...

I liked the video! It was new to me.

And I liked the Batman reference at the end of your post. I used to run home from school to watch the Batman reruns with my brother John. They don't make shows like that anymore, and it's a pity.

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

"Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was . . . "

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love Talking Heads. And Savannah, GA, feels like home to me. Always. So I know what you mean about Carolina.

Love you. Have a good weekend!