Saturday, February 26, 2011



It is a simple formula, really. If you have a ‘why’ then you can justify what you do by almost any ‘how’. I made a mistake in my previous entry by closing with ‘how’as the subject of the last couple of sentences.

Were I not so self-involved (and the reason for it will be revealed soon enough) then I prolly could expound on why ‘the formula of happiness’ would be able to eliminate a lot of the misunderstanding between the haves-not and the have-less in America. That is how I see the union-breaking that is going on in Wisconsin. The cry that ‘we all need to make cuts’ doesn’t ring true when to me when you the GOP is finding reasons to give tax breaks to the rich and to cut services to those who already bear an unfair burden when it comes to the things that makes the American quality of life what it is.

The misunderstanding that has people anti-union is like the thought control that has panties in a bunch over the ‘Robocop’ tribute statue. I am surprised that more people don’t get that subversion of pride that is the irony of Robocop and as a rallying point that anyone can take pride in being represented by.

Does anyone remember what the movie was about? Urban decay and a city being preyed upon by itself as well as wealthy industrialists that who had a hand in creating the mess… does any of that sound familiar? Is it any wonder why things like the crushing of employee unions, the bastion that created the middle class in America, beginning with President Regan’s dismantling of the Air Traffic Controller union, has been under siege? You only have to follow the money and that is where you will find your answers. They don’t lie with ethnic equality, gay marriage, or immigration reform. If anything, the union of religious dogma with a prosperity doctrine is deadlier than any drug that is being sold on the street. The perversion of history does not stop at the Founding Fathers, but the picking and choosing of what scripture says… hey, anyone who visited my Face Book page saw how by cherry picking you can justify keeping women in their place, sanctioned by a narrow interpretation of scripture. But enough of me breathing, time for me to resume my stroke and for me to get back swimming in the sea.

I was watching a segment on the ‘Today’ show this week that spoke about women and the mounds of hate they heap upon themselves. So many women, way over half in the percentages they quoted from various studies, have such bad images of what their bodies look like and women who work out are not as bad, but they still have image concerns. But what I took from it was the role that the negative body image plays in women’s lives.

According to the story the self-loathing begins as early as six years old. And this becomes a pattern that becomes a crutch for a lot of women. Instead of dealing with the real issue, i.e., problems at work or in their personal relationship with friends, family, and that elusive significant other, these women become consumed by irrational thoughts about how they look. Instead of confronting and dealing with whatever is troubling their thoughts, they retreat behind the allowed social practice of self-loathing (which is part of the Illuminati mind control of the sexes) instead of whatever issue that is troubling their thoughts. This practice allows women who do this, IMO, to further corrode their neural pathways and like one of the guests on the show said, neurons that fire together wire together. Eventually it becomes easier and easier for women to think poorly of themselves, subsequently making them feel worse about the quality of their life.

When I am speaking objectively about something or draw an idea from another person’s journal to expound about here, it has almost always been a sign that I am stable. The straight line thing means, to me at least, that I am determining my path and allowing the momentum of positive decisions carry me forward. I don’t concern myself with my problems (and man, there are problems to solve, I kid you not!) as much as I deal with what’s what and drive on. So when I have enough ‘ram space’ available to talk about other things instead of complaining about the obstacles I have to face, it is a sign that I am coping, if not doing, well.

Last weekend was relatively a silent one concerning blogs and other social media. Not that there was anything wrong but I wanted to relax and let life flow over me.

The SFC’s youngest son was playing in a nationally televised game… the sister in the Army sent me her phone number and while it took a week for me to dial her up, I did and she is doing alright. Conversation flowed like blood through an artery that is slowly building up with plaque, but it ending smiling. I also got an update on stinky Jan, who is doing fine, and a cousin who essentially grew up with us as children as well, since they all talk pretty regularly. And I am happy for them, really.

Just not as happy as I am for myself, troubles and all.


Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Mark. Robocop sounds about right. As you say . . . follow the money.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

glad you are feeling less of the aftereffects of the accident compounded with the stuff already going on. the body image thing scares me too- we see it at work, it's sad to see girls so young constantly comparing themselves to others and then slamming themselves.


That corgi :) said...

I think it is always good to take time away from blogs and technology in general; good for you Mark for taking last weekend to do so


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Finding it hard to keep up with the blogoshere. When things in life kick up, something has to give, and for me, it is the blogging (both writing and reading). Glad things seem to be looking up.

* Ashleigh * said...

Guilty as charged :/

Indigo said...

That last sentence said it all. In the end that's the glue that keeps it together. (Hugs)Indigo

Kimberly Kaye said...

Thank you for the well-worded public bitch-slap cum wake-up call. Need to unplug more. You've made me think I will, and soon.