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I have been a Micky Ward fan only since forever. He was one of those ‘fringe’ fighters his entire career, both as an amateur and as a professional. I always imagined what it was like for him as I do many fighters, individuals or teams who are better than average but comes up just a little short of reaching the top. His style and skills, a forward moving boxer-puncher with an excellent left hook to the body, made him a cat I could really emulate.

What I remember of him as a young pro was that he never got the respect that maybe he should have. He was a satellite member of ‘Tomorrow’s Champions’, an NBC vehicle for up-and-coming boxing prospects. The Duva’s had several of these fighters who would be featured on whatever the weekend sport anthology show was that NBC had going in the early 80’s. Man, I miss those days… there was boxing on free TV shown EVERYWHERE. Anywho, when I call him a ‘satellite member’ by that I mean he was a part of the group but he stayed in Massachusetts where the cats who were being managed by the Duva’s got more TV dates, publicity and opportunities as they were in New Jersey. That was a disrespect in a way, if you ask me, because he was as accomplished as any of the cats who were in the Duva group, but I think being seen as limited (in the way that Tim Tebow had been considered ‘limited’ before he was drafted into the NFL), moderately talented white boy who was good enough to beat up the fisherman and hockey players in the Nor’ east, but as far as really doing something, no one gave him credit for that.

He would start out fast before struggling through a series of underachieving losses against middling competition. Micky would disappear for a while before resurfacing in some ‘minor’ title fights against other fringe guys, fighters, who like him, were seen as too flawed to be big names even though they were a step beyond the other boxers in their division. Finally, he hits what I call ‘journeyman lotto’ and gets a chance with a big name fighter (Arturo Gatti) to salvage his entire career.

Now I did not know the details to his ‘managerial problems’, a catch-all euphemism that covers nearly all non-fight related conflicts. The degrees of separation from business to personal life are fewer and the boundaries between them are thinner than you see in other sports. There are no publicists, agents, management structure or an entourage of people who don’t have a direct connection to you. Distractions thrum through the connective network and like a spider in the center of its web, you are aware of everything that is happening. The movements shake you and reaction is mandatory.

Reading reviews for the movie and the details of all the drama surrounding him (I knew about his cousin, Dick Ecklund and his struggles… but the family story inside of Micky's more personal story again was covered by ‘managerial problems’ and hushed up) as he battled his was from the obscurity to earning several big paydays, reminds me of myself and might be a little too tough for me to watch objectively and enjoy the story for what it is, and leave thoroughly entertained.


Like I said, I live with my ghosts. When I am sitting here eating cookies and drinking soda for Christmas, they will be here with me. And they will be welcomed.

I can see myself watching that movie at some point and time. But it isn’t now.  Those ghosts are pretty harrowing.  They won't get an invitation any time soon.


The point of my drawing a connection with the people with autobiographical memory and their fail when it came to their intimate relationships is that I don’t have to worry about the over-talked about family Christmas mess. Somehow I think that there is a limited kind of emotional autism that comes into play. I have never known how to reach in those situation and even the ‘memories’ from childhood Christmas are touched by a void of emotion. I was never (and am still not) picky about my gifts. Whatever I wanted the most I would get for myself and if I couldn’t get, I did not want it. So I was (am) very easy to buy for. Give it to me and I will get some kind of regular use out of it.

I can’t find where I spoke about how I endured the annual Thanksgiving with Mookie Dee and her family. Nor do I know where I spoke about how I would feel in college and everyone would go home and I would stay in Greensboro, CHILLING.

If there is a concern it would be that someone is thinking how sad it is that I am alone. That is why I am hoping this link works and you get to see how thrilled the Jews are in Robert Smigel’s claymation portrayal of the season. Big so-called family holidays are like that for me… and I embrace the solitude.


I smiled at the reports that Rex Ryan and his wife revel in his foot fetish. Of course, having put that junk out in the world for people to see is something else entirely. But it was fun for me to hear about and it validates my opinion that when you are with that someone who IS that someone, it is all fair play.

When I had my little spiel on what my tastes were behind closed doors, it was because I wonder if someone around my age is going to be open and accepting of my attitudes with regards to sex and our sex life.

Maybe it is an oversimplification on my part, like the simpleton in a USPS commercial when it came to shipping gifts for Christmas. “Shipping is hard… I’ll go shopping” he says or something equally vacuous. Perhaps I am looking at ‘getting laid’ with the same kind of vision as he looks at shipping packages… but even if I am making things harder than it sounds, I am cool with things as they are.


That corgi :) said...

interesting video/song, Mark. However you celebrate Christmas, I hope it is a kind one and a good one for you!

Merry Christmas!


mac said...

Those fights with Gotti were very memorable fights. That was my introduction to Micky ward. Turns out, he seems like a nice fella too :-)

I'm with ya on the solitude front, too. I get kind of frustrated that so many people feel the need to include me on their festivities, I do not want it.

Lovebabz said...

I love the noise and the drama of Christmas. I love the unpeacefulness of it! I love that I am dragged out of solitude. I too need and want to get laid. I miss having sex. And since I failed at yet another relationship where regular sex was part of the deal, maybe next year I'll try just having a sex partner...someone who doesn't need to know my feelings every minute of the day. Oh I am sorry I am high-jacking this post and making this all about me! UUgghh!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. Then, in solitude - chilling? Any way is a great way. Our own way. We're not always in for huge company right?


CareyCarey said...

What's up BigMark,

Did I miss something? I mean, is the movie The Fighter suppose to be the real story of Micky Ward?

But yeah, I was a huge Ward fan. That huge slamming left hook was his calling card. Throughout his fights with Gotti, I always thought Gotti would rub him out but we know the end of those stories. Gotti's career was also, for the most part, sorta sad. I mean, he had it all but that boy took plenty of ass whoopins, even when he won. Btw, Duva was a terrible trainer and corner man... imo.

It's Christmas morning and I am the first one up so I thought I'd drop in before my day gets started.

Have a peaceful day... whatever that means for you.

Anna Renee said...

Merry Christmas Mark!!

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

I love solitude on Christmas. I spent the day with baby Jesus (my cat, Alice) and left the chaos for others.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mark!