Monday, December 27, 2010


I found Bridget Callahan through Erin O’Brien's blog and I randomly found read a post of hers that had a Belle & Sebastian song posted with it. Listening to the song as I read her entry I grew envious that she was able to synchronize words with music so seamlessly. She also includes some great photos with her words making her journal a real multimedia experience. If she doesn’t get paid for her blog, she should!

Is Bridget Callahan Your Best Friend..? The post that has the B&S song attached to it made me think that she just may have. I remember sneaking a mix tape of mine with some stuff from ‘If You're Feeling Sinister’ on it as well as other lo-fi indie rock that broke the monotonous drone of misogyny and ‘hood hubris’ of rap music that normally played on the stereo. As far as how did I get stuff like Blur, Gene and Pulp mixing in with the grunting of cats hitting the heavy bag and the staccato of the speed bag bouncing off wood? Hey, did I tell you that not only did I box, but I was (and am still) a heavyweight? A heavyweight who can crack?? Whenever some one would come in and say, “WTF, who the f*ck is playin’ this sh*t??” cats would point wherever I was, oblivious to the ruckus, concentrating on sharpening my ‘tool kit’. After awhile, folks knew what was up and it would not be a big deal… just took some indoctrination, that’s all.


As you can see I am not going to allow my ineptitude keep me from doing my thing!

Today I watched some of the Elvis Presley/Ann-Margaret movie, 'Viva Las Vegas' on Turner Classic movies this afternoon. Knowing now what wasn’t known then about Elvis, I had to go back to when I was a child watching Elvis movies on WXYZ in the afternoon’s when school was out for break and didn’t know he was a racist with Mommy issues and a drug habit among some of his more well-known flaws. After that, the movie was watchable but only just so. All of his movies had the same weak plot and if you want to call what was going on ‘acting’, I guess you can. As far as looks, put a blond wig on him and it’s Eminem... and I was like “Wow, that IS a really good comparison, cause now he is coming out with a likely crap boxing movie that will do big box-office receipts, because its Eminem playing a boxer!! They both have the same kind of ‘male waif’ physiques and by ‘acting’ they get to be and live the life of the person they wish they could be, not to mention that they both could be accused of hijacking a black musical genre and style!!

Okay, okay… solved for the weak script and started to check out Ann-Margaret. That is a cool name right there and if not correct me, doesn’t a sober Lindsay Lohan brings a little bit of what Ann had going on to mind?  Watching the movie I saw a where you could switch one out and insert the other as far as looks go... but that's me.

The dance scenes she was in did not seem to be bounded by time… THAT Ann-Margaret could get away with doing that at the club right now! She had a fire in her eyes burning and when she would throw her head around and her hair was covering parts of her face, she was mesmerizing.

I would watch half the movie before resuming my daily thing. My thoughts stayed with Ann and I began to ponder a question that I have had asked pretty frequently … why I don’t date white women (girls)?? It isn’t like I haven’t but the accounting is still less that 3 % of my totals. There isn’t a real ‘preference’ that has kept me from pursuing a white or any non-black woman before. Whenever I was asked about the dearth of ‘exotics’ on my resume, I would reply that “I wasn’t black enough”, inferring that ethnic diversity did not extend romantically to a brother who was not ‘authentically’ a brother. It was hard enough to get time with a sister girl who was accustomed to being measured by her sexuality and expected to support a emotionally stunted and corrupted parody of what a man should be as a partner. Thinking getting inside of the psyche of non-black women whose culture and character is strange and unknown, I would anticipate the hassle of introductions let alone a relationship being too much for me.

But seeing Ann-Margaret shakin’ and bakin’… hmm… where am I going to go from here?


LceeL said...

"emotionally stunted and corrupted parody of what a man should be" Wow, man. Is that REALLY how you see yourself?

For someone who thinks as much and as clearly as you do, you don't see yourself very well when you look in the mirror.

Toon said...

I never understood the adoration of Elvis. There was one biographer who claimed he and his momma slept together -- in a not innocent way. Gross.

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Mark, I've been telling people that Lindsay Lohan looks exactly like Ann Margaret for some time. So far, no one agrees with me but you.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Never got the Elvis thingy...and I am with LCeeL...I beg to differ Mark!

Bridget Callahan said...

Ann Margaret and Lindsay Lohan are almost identical, its true. When people disagree, I assume it's because they haven't really ever fallen in love with Ann Margaret, and are therefore idiots.