Thursday, November 4, 2010



I don’t mean to be confusing when I draw something from another’s blog and put my perspective on it. I am very aware that I can be perplexing, especially when I leave a comment on the specific entry of interest and then draw it over here and if you happen to read the ‘inspired’ entry, you are like ‘WTF!!’, because what I AM talking about not only fails to resemble what you were talking about, but has no similarity to the comment that I may have left!!

Were we ‘analog friends’ and you were sitting across from me at say, Chipotle (since I have not found a replacement for Xochimilco’s yet!!), I would drink on my drink, likely a Coke as I nibbled at my food with my eyes clear and ears open, listening to you. I would be observing your body language and noting the inflection of your voice. At the same time I would be tamping down my own internal prejudices and opinions, saving much of the ‘speechifying’ for me and my own personal issues. I feel that when someone comes to me to share what is on their mind, they need the best answer that I can give them, not the answer that I want to give them.  To do that and come give them the advice they are seeking, I try to LISTEN before telling them what comes 'up and out', because I regurgitate my food, and that crap prolly taste good only to me, get it?

Sure, you want to lose weight? Get up and run! But maybe you have bad knees or suffer from shin splints. If I don’t let you tell me and make you feel comfortable with me, you won’t open up and eventually that will lead to a breakdown, both in spirit and between me and you. I think that there is nothing more dispiriting than someone who thinks that they have to ‘tell you the truth about yourself’, in an effort to help you find an answer or work out through a difficulty.

That is why something that I get from somewhere else will get here and be remade. The topic of relationships began with an ethnic component and I wanted to strip that down to where I was talking about ‘men and women’. By doing that, I feel that now speaking about me will be spared what I call ‘the ignorance of generalities’, you know, the not all ‘fill in the blank’ are like that, because NOW you want separation from the group you are defending. To that, I say, ‘Whatever’. That is why you have people who cut their on noses, politically. Everyone was brought together despite their own unique circumstances because they failed at being able to discern from generalities and their own personal interests.

I feel for people who can’t do that. Also, I am a little frightened of them. You see a few cows in the field running towards you it may look like nature is working. A few more join in, and its picturesque. But when it goes from ‘several’ to many, it is a stampede and you are now in its path. Either you’re ‘Nexus, or you are against us!’  Hard to get out of the way when they are coming in a broad charge, isn't it? 

At any rate, what is inspiration if nothing than the light breaking through darkness, allowing someone to see with their inward gaze and finding what they find withing their own soul?


It has been a challenge but I am ‘built’ both physically, mentally and spiritually for what I am tested by. Period. If nothing else, because I believe that with every fiber of my being, I know that I will break through whatever partition that separates me from where I want to be and where I am intending to go.

There is a mission for today and once my laundry is done, its up to ‘get to it’. Thinking about a fitness entry as well, but that may keep for the weekend or even next week. Shout out to Heather and her ‘tightening corset’, this time not to make her look small, but because she is GETTING smaller.

Because of what the conversation about relationships between Black Men and Black Women struck in me, I will be subjectively going over what the discussion stirred in me and how it applies to MY here and now.

Dryer has stopped. Time to gear things up!!


Toon said...

I love the phrase "analog friends". I'm stealing that!

Anonymous said...

I think that there is nothing more dispiriting than someone who thinks that they have to ‘tell you the truth about yourself’, in an effort to help you find an answer or work out through a difficulty.

There are several people I would like to drug...then stamp this on their foreheads. ~Mary

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Listening is an art, one that I think I have learned. Hope you are getting settled.