Thursday, September 17, 2009



Tangent alert!! A lot of stuff that is on my mind isn't going to connect obviously to the untrained eye. It doesn't easily in the vision of the viewer, and I apologize for it, only because I am putting my thoughts out here to be read. But I do think this is going to lead into a less confusing finish. It better.

There have been a couple of incidents that is feeding into what I think is affecting the larger conscious of many people. It is why one side argues the other side with the conviction that the other side is completely wrong.

But first, brief synopsis of why I let toxic f*cks go, and be done with their crap.

A few weeks ago, some lady blew up her ex husband's car in front of his new what's happenin' house. The operative term is EX. He was out of the marriage and I am left to speculate what went on in the marriage. But if this doesn't sound like some stuff Dave Barry would include in his '... and I am not making this up' segements in his column, it is only because his humour is more absurdist and not as voyeuristic as my comments here.

But I am not making this up. The lady, Doris Cabean-Giles used commercial grade fireworks to blow up her former hubby's SUV. But she wasn't able to get away without being hit with shrapnel. She walked around for TWO WEEKS with metal and glass in her body before going to get medical attention. That brought her to police attention and she was taken into custody from there.


Not too far from me, about three miles or so, some cat firebombed his ex-girlfriends house. A ten month and two year old needed hospital care and are still in serious condition.

He don’t care about nobody,” Jasmine Thomas said. “His name is Brandon Jones. And If I catch him, the police better get him before we find him, because then we’re all going to jail. Somebody better find him.

That is a quote from the sister (?) who was at the house. Her girls, ages 2 and 4 were also in the house but got out unscathed. The the babies of her sister were the only ones who needed medical attention. Mom was taking her Mother to work at the time of the incident.

Apparently Brandon wanted to spend the night with the mother of the two injured girls. She said 'no' and went on to take Grammy to work.

"You tried, you came and you didn't succeed. I tried, I came and I did. So let me tell you something. Get your guns together and come over and shoot it out or you get killed," the phone message said.

WTF!!! This is a text that Brandon sent to the Mom, and I am guessing they had 'something'. The implication is that the MOTHER did something to crazy Brandon (and he LOOKS like his nick name should be 15 to life!) that started this, and he retaliated. They haven't caught his lame butt yet, but they have rounded up his stupid crew and I am sure that they will rat him out to get less time on their docket.

Other than the obvious victims, I am mad at BOTH camps of butt munches. The sister in her not so veiled oratory, is going to call in her stupid favours to get some 'idiot justice'. And after the Thomases did what ever they had done to Brandon, he should have left them well enough alone. Stupid. Stupid.


Some guy killed a KITTEN, after he broke into someone else's house. WTF, part 2!!

What got me is the brief interview they had with his Grammy, outside of her crap house. She was all emotional and in tears. And yes, I get it. It is her grandson and blah, blah, blah. Get this muckin' sociopath off the streets. You want to cry about subpar schools? Single parenting?? Bad neighborhood and too much street influences??

At an age he should have been going to Government and Pre-Algebra classes, he was doing nickel and dime juvey crimes. And I wonder if he was a 'Mitch', a junior high 'barbarian' that picked on kids like me and disrupted the learning process, giving people like Hutch, Delta Girl, and Miss Alaineus a hard freakin' time. Screw him, his Mom and his Granny too. The deliberatness of his act, (he had to UNLOAD the washer to load the kitten, knowing that removing the clothes would rob the poor kitty of any chance of surving its ordeal) makes it obvious that he didn't get that way the day before he did what he did. Mom and Grammy knew he was going bad ... but I will prolly touch on this as I continue this thought pattern in my next few entries.


The television show 'Glee' had a story thread that called my darling brother to mind, and why in a session of my own personal 'Senate', I have voted to enact a policy based on an Imperial Decision I have made.

The relationship between Kevin and Mercedes on this week's episode was one that hit home. Part of me remebered how the 'negative' of what the round, overweight, outcast girl picture that she brought to life. She conceeded what many women do, that this is it, and she could do a lot worse than Kevin. They got along and they shared a lot of the activities that she found enjoyment in. I think I heard the character say that she could do a lot worse. I enjoyed how she explained it to the other girls in the club.

But of course, Kevin doesn't swing that way. I remembered some of the slights that I had to get over when I was 'Mercedes'. I would like to see if they develop her character enough to show what it is like when you experience fail in a relationship like that. Unwanted by the other people on the same rung of the ladder, and you are on the lowest of all of the rungs, no doubt.

As they say, when you get knocked down you have to get back up. But what are you going to do once you get to your feet? That is why I hope they go into that character and relationship more. My darling brother had a couple of proposals on the table from WOMEN. And like Mercedes, I had that kind of thing happen to me REPEATEDLY until I figured out how to run an offense to fit my personnel! I want to see what she has to go thru, because it isn't easy of a thing to do.

Sticking with my football device, whenever a team makes a turnaround, they talk about things like 'creating a culture of success' and stuff like that, when a team rebuilds and become a playoff team. I know that I use the Pittsburgh Steelers as a professional sports example of 'conceptual continuity' that has lead to great success. The changes over time has been subtle, but they are there. Yet when you think of the Steelers, they 'look' the same. You want to superimpose Terry Bradshaw and Jack Lambert over Ben Rothlisberger and Troy Poluamu, but other than being the respective leaders for offense and defense, the similarity ends. They are totally different... save they have won big.

There have been lulls and valleys. There were the aimlessness of the years right after the retirement of Coach Chuck Noll. And there was a bunch of respectable but so what seasons. What didn't seem to change was the belief, the attitude that the way they were running the franchise was the way that they should run the franchise.

When I think how I used to see myself as the cat in the song 'How Soon Is Now?', what I get from that now is how I insisted in seeing myself as a victim. Trying to imagine me as a 'relationship victim', somone on the outside and beneath someone elses notice NOW is unimaginable. But like the Rooney owned Steelers, I made a decision to do something to reach a goal, and kept with it.

I remember being nervy and a little awed as a freshman. Sophomore year I was all drenched in the mopes, but I did get a few phone numbers. I stumbled into my first two girlfriends and Jenny as a junior and senior year, I had something like 'game'.

As an adult, I would imagine someone else being able to accelerate through the learning curve and not needing 4 years to find someone. But it isn't going to happen next week or next month. And if it DID take more than 4 years, then it will have to take more than 4 years for you to be ready and recieve the love that you desire.

The Steelers were CRAP for more than 40 years (gives the Lions some hope for future victory, I guess!). Lesson, whenever it is 'Now', that is how 'soon' it is. Period. Better to believe it will happen and it doesn't than it is to not believe an let that justify your misery. Boys and girls, grab your gear and knuckle the hell up! Make what you want happen!


Tawnya said...

I have seen the kitten and kid story on the news and I was pissed off, but I agree with you. The sister should shut her trap and wait for the cops to catch him. As for the kitten guy, well, he needs a 'Come to Jesus' meeting!! HE emptied the washer!! He can not say that it was spur of the moment, he emptied the freakin washer!! Ok, sorry... Thanks for letting me rant.

Beth said...

The things that happened in high school are so far removed from where I'm at now...not just in years, but in attitude and strength, that I don't think much about them. It can be a cruel time. Hugs, Beth