Wednesday, September 30, 2009



I have watched every season since that show has been on. That and 'The Amazing Race' are the two reality shows that I pay attention to. Last night, some girl who is 'gaming' on the show, i.e., looking out for her self has been ostracized by the others. I for one, hope she wins.

The lady (sorry for the feminists out there, but 'girl' 'woman' and 'lady' are interchangeable in my head) Tracy took some dare that gave her a 2 lbs. advantage at the weigh in. It was a calculated risk. She said she did it so that the competition didn't go on and someone got a larger advantage. I understood that. She is 'playing the game'. And it was the reaction of the other contestants and the two trainers, Bob and Jillian, that gives socialism a bad name.

At the end of the show, isn't there a big money prize at the end of the season? I mean, lose weight, become healthier, blah, blah, blah ... but who is going to be the one at the end with all the money? Why can't it be me?

Unlike 'Survivor', there is this 'all for one' mentality on this show that defies the natural competitive edge. As it was, two guys who fell below the dreaded yellow line with two other girls, one of them who is the 'show mascot' for this season, Shay, fell on their swords so that she can remain on the show.

The guys talked among themselves and came to the conclusion that they could manage to lose weight at home, but Shay was coming from a background that did not enable her to be more nutritious and health conscious. She 'needed' to stay on the weight loss campus. Whatever.

Now don't misunderstand. From a strictly competitive point of view, why would anyone care about her hard luck story? If anything, my heart would bleed for the lady whose FAMILY, hubby, son and daughter, were killed in an auto accident before it would bleed for Shay.

Eliminating competition. Then going on and being the best that you can be. That is what Tracey is guilty of. I hope she is doing the 'deer in the headlights' thing to throw everyone off, that she is not only there to get healthy but to win the money. Myself, I don't have a problem with that. As long as she is careful ... and can keep doing what she is doing, she will be fine. Make all the other vanilla wafer soft tubbies keep HER pace. She still lost 11 lbs. for the week. No one talked about that. I would be like, "Fine, don't cheer my weight loss. Excuse me while I don't look in the rear view." She is playing the game and so far she has been dead on.

Nothing is wrong with that. But she reminds me of Glen Beck in the sense that she uses up her 'pity card' by acting like she is confused and scared, which is one of the reasons she gave for her initial game play. Now, what do I mean by 'like Glen Beck?'


Unlike cats like Bill O'Reilly or even Rush Limbaugh, if Glen Beck is nothing, he is a hate mongering coward. I haven't heard any of his followers mention how much money he makes for his demagoguery. The reason I can't stand him is that he sells fear, prejudice, and relies on the stupidity of people to make a profit.

Is that cool or not? The same rationale I used for letting rap and that 'urban culture' thing slide when I was in Carolina is why I don't care for cats like Beck and Sean Hannity. They view the world through an alternate reality and they both give off the smell of overcompensation. Now that they have figured a way to get 'paid' by being the jerks that they were destined to become, they continue on like the pied pipers of dumb that they are.

Anywho ... I think I am going to stop with the media for a bit. Clogging up my epiglottis and such! Y'all be cool!!


a corgi said...

packing is hard work Mark. Then you got to unpack it again. I'm not fond of moving, but at least this time you are moving for someone really awesome!!

I haven't watched the Big Loser, but I have to agree with your points about playing the game; sometimes I think life is a game and we just need to learn how to play it before the rules get changed yet again


Beth said...

"The pied pipers of dumb." LMAO! That is brilliant! If I were there right now, I'd give you a big hug.

I'm not a packing (or a Packers) fan, either. :) Keep plugging away, and you'll get there! Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

That was one of the most nonsensical videos I have seen in a long time.

Hard to believe that you are at T-2.

Senorita said...

I used to watch Biggest Loser when I had the DVR recorder but, I don't anymore. I really like that show. I find those stories to be real motivating. Unfortunately you can't really lose weight like that in the real world and I find it to be a little misleading.