Monday, September 14, 2009



Michigan won the kind of game they usually have lost, and Ohio State lost the kind of game that they have normally won. Who'd of thunk it?

Notre Dame was the better team and for stretches of the exciting game, played like it. Then they also played like a team that was foundering and confused. I don't care what kind of 'offensive genius' that Charlie Weis WAS, because he IS a very overrated coach. From what I have heard about him, I sum up his personality as one as 'A-hole'.

Tate Forcier has solved Michigan's quarterback problem. Time for their coach Rich Rod, to man up and name the kid 'starter', end of discussion. He has LED the team to victory, not managed to be in the 'right place at the right time' in both games. Give him the job.

Who the hell is Jim Tressel? I mean, I know he came from Youngstown State, won big there and Dad was a long time coach as well. But if I had known that he had such a bland coaching style ...

I really liked Earl Bruce. No, the Buckeyes weren't in the national spotlight, but they never embarrassed themselves on his watch, either. Oh, and he beat Michigan. John Cooper came next, and he almost NEVER beat Michigan, despite having roseters full of 'next level' talent. Keith Byars, Chris Carter and Robert Smith are a few of the pro players who went on to have productive careers in the NFL. But he couldn't beat Michigan, and he got ran out because he couldn't do what the guy who he replaced could do.

Jim Tressel almost has everything going for him. He beats Michigan and he did bring a National Title to Columbus (which is a fine, fine town!!). My problem is his crap style. I understand the 'if it ain't broke ...' thing, but geez, when are they going to beat someone out of their neighborhood for a change?

Sure the players played ... Matt Barkley, like Tate Forcier has shown that they are ready. Joe McKnight reminded me of Joe Washington at Oklahoma years ago. Still, the coaches should have made the adjustments to slow up the Trojans.

That was a loss because of poor game planning and coaching. I don't really care for Jim Tressel, much in the way that Hutch didn't care for Lloyd Carr. They have a similiar track, in that they won National Titles early in their run as head coach, then failed to evolve.

ND's old coach, Lou Holtz was an exception to this. He won using several different styles at several different schools. He made exceptions for surperlative talents like Tim Brown and Rahib Ismail. Instead of fitting them into a plan, he altered the plan to make the most of their talents.

I do think that ND fans are a little unrealistic. With the kind of schedule that they play and the kind of talent that is eligble to attend the school, it has to be too difficult to recruit and stock the kind of talent they do at other schools. The coach there really has to have a vision and be able to think a little outside the box to be successful there. Lou Holtz was that kind of cat.

But they ran him out there too, dontcha know!!

What impressed me most about the Michigan game, is that it came with all the turbulence surrounding the program. The win does not mean that Michigan will make it back this season, but they are my darkhorse pick to bust the BCS. Much has been said about the improvements that Rich Rod's teams have made from year one to year two. And unlike ND, I don't think that Michigan has bad recruiting years. Perhaps it was more of the Coach getting his kind of players and developing the holdovers into his system. Even saying that, I still think he is an oily kind of cat. Recruiting cats who dealt drugs and bounced around from place to place in order to play football, doesn't bode well, IMO, for him. We will see ... with a 'who cares' attitude.


I have no idea what Beyonce video he was talking about. What I don't understand is why folks continue to feed his enormous ego. What he did was not out of the norm for him. He pulled a stunt like this a few years ago when he didn't the Grammy award in Britain. I rememeber that because I liked the group that did win, Simian .

This isn't the from the winning album, but I don't like any of the videos for those songs. This is from the post-Simian band with two of the original members. Anywho, I wonder what the hell kind of person Kanye really is? I thought it was telling, that his Mom tried to get liposuction done on the cheap, putting her life in the hands of someone whose cost meant more to her than his qualifications. That has always been a 'leader' of what kind of person that someone is for me. The same way I wonder about a person who lives in a fancy house but has cheap toliet paper on the roll, or lives in the hood but drives a Mercedes. There is a priority or reality check in order, no?

I am going to say it ... he is an a-hole of the highest order.


After we laid my darling brother to rest, one of the things that I had wanted to do was get the girls together so that they could be friends. With Jan being Jan ... I had to let that go. But my Army and Best sister was a different thing. I didn't like that the twins weren't cool and that played a part in my picking Nebraska to go live. Things have changed since I made Nebraska my goal. Now, there are different factors coming into play, and I guess I will be thinking about them for a bit.

Some of this revolves around my Best Sister and what is really best for me. And I do think what is best for me, is to completely disengage from the lives of my sisters, and go on and live my life, for me. Had I gone to Nebraska, I was thinking that I would take guardianship of my niece as my Best Sister did what she was going to do (which had changed a couple of times, but still resulted in me getting guardianship of her daughter). As it was, I briefed the SFC on it, but it wasn't complete. There was still a lot left in the air, as if I was supposed to move on my Best Sister mark. I had no real idea of what her plan was or my role in that plan.

That, along with more conspiracy stuff, will be what I will be sharing with folks as I finish out the last two weeks of the month. Ciao!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I think disengagement is best at this point.

As for the ND game, I am so disappointed in the end of game play calling. 'nough said :o(

a corgi said...

like I wrote in someone else's blog, I hope Kayne West never gets nominated for another award, wins another award, and even is allowed to go to another award show; his behavior was despicable


Tawnya said...

I am inpressed with Michigan's quarterback! I don't like football, but a freshman that can play that level of football is amazing and I am kind of looking forward to see what he does in the coming years! As for Kayne, well, I dont like him or his music. I adore Taylor Swift though. I think that the loss of his mom has really affected him in some bad ways. Not an excuse by far, but something to think about maybe. I had to 'disengage' from my mom about 4 years ago. I understand.

Beth said...

I'm a big Michigan fan. HATE Ohio State. Ya, Jim Tressel is this fabulous guy,,,yada yada yada...who cares. GO BLUE!

sounds like you have alot on your plate, friend. you"re in my thoughts. and have I told you that you are so hot? ;)

Beth said...

It took me a few hours to get over that ND/MI game. Argh. Ken is right--sucky end of game coaching. I suspect that Charlie is a bit of an A-hole in some ways, but he has his good side, too. He has a learning-disabled daughter, and started a charity in the area called Hannah & Friends. (Hannah is his daughter's name.) Sometimes even A-holes have a good side. :) Hugs, Beth