Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Got the strangest note from DHS today ... my medicaid was cut. Says I make too much money. WHAT THE HELL!?!

Of course, the first thing that I do when after I showered and started off on my bike was take a spill. I didn't break anything, which is super good, seeing as I DID NOT KNOW as of yet that I didn't have anyone to pay for crap.

Moby did a decent cover to this song. But Mission of Burma is another one of those underrated bands that I liked, such as Television, that I don't think got their just do. This was the song that I like the most by them, and the one that came to mind when I got home.

It is easy to see where people's irrational anger comes from. Some arbitrary 'something ' comes along and knocks them for a loop. I hate dealing with the dehumanization that comes with the DHS. It is an adversarial relationship because they treat their customers like ADVERSARIES.

Now I have to request a hearing, and have them explain why I get too much money. Maybe they finally caught up to the paperwork I submitted to the job I had for two weeks and got ONE check from this year.

So I have been up all night, trying to get to sleep. I don't know what I feel, because there is turmoil in every sphere (I don't know if it is in each area of my life ... but I always wanted to find a reason to use that word as an adjective for something!!) of my life. Stuff keeps on happening, and it is happening to me.

Anywho, enjoy MOB. They do rock, at least to me!!


Tawnya said...

When I have to deal with the Friend of the court, they treat you kind of like that too, if you are the non custodial parent. When they thought I was the custodial parent, they were sooo nice. Go figure. In Fl, you can find nice people at HRS, but more than not they are sour and mean. I wonder if it is the job or the people?

miss alaineus said...

i agree with you mark- in all my dealings with public assistance agencies it seems like they get a bonus for being able to make the clients feel substandard because we are asking for help, and therefore lazy, uneducated, etc.

give 'em hell!


a corgi said...

sorry to hear about this, Mark; what a mess it will probably be to figure it out; you don't need this especially with all the good things going on in your life right now; sorry you took a spill; glad you weren't seriously hurt

I know, I don't know why dealing with public agencies is so hard and demoralizing. you would think they would have compassion for people; that should definitely be a requirement of getting the job and should be something they are graded on in yearly evaluations

however, I have to say, and I've had to deal with different public/social agencies over the years, recently I called one to see what help I could get for a certain young lady. I was expecting first of all a recording, but if I got to a live person, I was expecting no help at all with statements like "how bad the economy is, etc., etc., etc". I actually got, on the second ring of the telephone mind you, a live person and a caring person on top of that. She was most informative and helpful and sincere. Surely a gem. We haven't pursued anything yet from her particular agency, but I would like to hope the rest of her fellow employees are made of the same caliber. I hope such a gem is assigned to help you.


Beth said...

Too much money, eh? Wonder where they're getting their info? I hope you can get it straightened out soon, with minimal hassles. And glad you weren't hurt in your bike accident! XO Beth

Beth said...

Cool song, by the way, although MOB isn't a band I got into back in the day. B.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are OK, and hope the bike is as well.

As you know, sh*t happens :o)

headbitingprincess said...

Ohh Mark .. chin up bud ... stay positive or. . well .. try .. I know it is hard been there .. shyt I AM there .. lol .. I wish u much luck in getting things back on the smooth track !