Monday, August 3, 2009



Getting up early is entirely separate from getting out on the road. Sometimes I sit and listen to morning edition or check out Guy Gordon and Karen Drew before the Today Show comes on. Sometimes, with the help or a little fatigue that has seeped into the very marrow of my bones, it is 8 o'clock, and I if I don't have anything to do ...

At the beginning of the month, I wanted to take full advantage of the good training that I did with my SFC, and I kept running and exercising at what for me, is a high level. Now, I try to keep my fitness on a training cycle similiar to the one that I kept when I was active. So that means I am one six or eight weeks cycles, and then I take a break.

Given the amount of work I have been doing, introducing new run routes as well as distances, I am sort of out of my rounds. Nothing detrimental, but still ...

Went out today, 'late' as I have been for the past few days to a week. In fact, my SFC gigged me about it, because she reminded me that I missed a couple of days of doing anything. But I write down what I do, and I did meet the minimum of four days of work. Still, I was feeling a little wore down.

I 'closed my eyes', and went on automatic. I have A LOT of things on my mind ... some of it has been difficult to process. That was another motivation to get out on the road.


Did the short run today, but I decided to really see if I could push myself. I would like to get my mile time down into the 8-8:30 range, which means my 'Katie Holmes' goal of being under 4 hours for a marathon would be very doable. Another thing about running, is that it is really hard to run and think about down, negative thoughts. How can I think about non-solutions, when every step is about reaching the right conculsion?

The stitch in my chest is a indication that I am getting something out of it. Pain, discomfort is the price for anything worthwhile. At least that is what motivates me to making my run and getting the most out of it.

A short run, means that I am going to do a lot of interval training at the end. 'Interval Training' sounds better than sprint or speed work, because I am a lot of things, but 'fast' is relative to me and my times. Anywho, I went out and tried hard to burn out as I went up and down the street.


I love the feeling of nearly passing out, so I can't say that the crazy kids that play the 'choking game', aren't really experiencing something themselves. I mean I am seeing stars, and wobbling out in the middle of the street ... if a car was approaching, I couldn't have seen it. I would rely on my 'spidey sense' to get me out of the way. And given my track record with oncoming traffic ...

That is where I run the longer sprints that are a part of my workout. I mixed a few of them into the shorter sprints that I do, and I ran a bunch of those. Each time that I finished, I could feel my legs wanting to give way. A few times I thought I was going to pass out.

But it was training. What that means, is that I expect to have that happen and then push through it. Since I didn't pass out, it means that I could have prolly gone faster! So I actually feel a little frustrated, because I didn't go fast enough to be super fast or pass out!!

Near the end of each sprint, my body keeps on begging for me to quit. Yet because the body is a slave to the mind, I kept telling it 'one more' sprint ... then when I get that done, there is always 'just one more' to go.

I would get on a scale, but I don't want to risk being disappointed!! I mean, I look tighter, as well as feel it. Last time I checked it regularly, I was down in the low 220's ... no reason to think that I have ballooned up from there. Maybe I will get on this week, before I fly out, since it is on my mind.


But 'this' and 'that' have been giving me the flux. I will deal with them later. Would rather take a break from 'my so-called life', and relax my mind and let my conscious be free ...


Beth said...

Glad to hear you're still in the zone, but...

Pushing yourself = good
Passing out = bad

Be careful! Good grief! Being woozy in the midst of traffic seems like a bad idea. Just be careful, please! Hugs, Beth

DB said...

Running with negative thoughts is a no no. I can hardly walk these days but when I was a runner I used to carry the lyrics of a good peppy song in my head.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Punch to your right shoulder. Stop It I Say. No more near passing out, and definitely only workout with positive thoughts. Ok, carry on Mister!