Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Funny thing is that over the past year-plus, you were the one that convinced me that the Nebraska Concept was sound, because I was doubtful. I am glad that my initial gut feeling was sound, and I can say that my gut feeling now is that you are on a solid path :o)

In several ways, going to Nebraska was the right move for me, personally. I had the right 'environment', and that would have facilitated personal growth as well as a wellness program that is designed to have helped me out specifially.

Can say that 'oh, they have programs in the Metroplex'. And the SFC has checked on some of them already. Thing is, the programs that I have looked into out west, are just as critically acclaimed as any in the country. So that is a moot point.

For me to have been alone, I still could see myself managing along easily. In fact, from scouting reports, the town would have all the cultural stimuli that I could have possibly wanted. And I don't think I would be as worried riding around on my bike.

In fact, personal safety would not have been as big as an issue as it is here, OR in D.C. More than some of the legendary urban areas I have happened to visit during my day, there is something about D.C. that is 'no joke' as the kids say.

There hasn't been a lot of talk about being to myself. That was something I was keeping to myself, because I go around and cheer people in their journals when they have found themselves in a new relationship. For me to talk about 'love and marriage' out of the same mouth I would speak about how much I wanted to be by myself, to me felt hypocritical.

While that was my plan, I left room for someone else's plan to come into play. I only knew that I had to work with what I had, and that is what I did. Like anything truly magical, it takes hard work and preparation to make it happen.

Had I went out west, then that would have clearly meant that my magic was going to happen out there. Yet, "I shall keep that one for another day, yet knowing how way leads on to way ..."


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Be yourself and do what you need to do :o)

Beth said...

I've always found the Metro a really easy and handy way to get around. Nice and clean, too!