Tuesday, July 28, 2009



I would tell people that right regularly as a kid and young adult. One of the things that would infuriate the masses and cause anarchy in the working classes.

What did I mean, 'that kind of stuff NEVER happens to you', they'd say. 'That stuff happens to EVERYBODY.' And I am sure that it does, because that is what they expect. But you see, I don't. I do know enough to know the difference between what COULD happen and what I want to happen relies on what I do.

Keeping to the light, I don't do what I see the ones that 'stuff happens', do. Hopefully, I copy the things that the other people who are like who I want to be, among those that 'stuff doesn't happen to', do.


As I began to 'put away the dishes' after my trip to D.C. Metroplex (they do call their rail line, The Metro, which I don't think I will be riding too often), one of the questions that came up, was 'what if'?

What if 20 years ago, we'd been fortunate enough to have stumbled into each others arms? Instead of walking shoulder to shoulder, we'd been able to walk with our hands interlaced? I thought it was symbolic that when we met at the National Airport (irony will prevent me from ever calling it 'Reagan Int'l', sorry 'bout it) that we fell in step with one another. It was a sign to how the trip would be, one where we would be tuning up to each other.

But while it may sound nice to wonder why as close as we were, we didn't get together then, we both know the answer to that. I am only mentioning it here, to give background to where we are with each other, now.

I keep seeing her name in my mailbox ... and what I felt as I first saw her name. Been talking about 'Darkhorses' and Rummy's '...things we know we don't know', (which, I have thought was an effective way of stating 'hell, ANYTHING could happen!) started to take on a new shape and another dimension was appearing before me.

The dimension where I am deserving and capable of living up to my goals and lofty ideals. Now, whatever I think I am, that is indeed what and who I am.


This is going to be a new kind of relationship. I have never had the same level of understanding with someone as I have with my SFC.

It is hard to describe our conversations ... as it was to talk about how we interacted with each other when I was down for my visit. I mean, it FEELS as if we have been in love with each other and together for the last 20 years.

It is profound, how well we compliment each other. And I have told her that she will never understand how fully she comprises everything that I was looking for at this time in my life.

"A dark horse, which had never been thought of ... rushed past the grand stand in sweeping triumph." -Benjamin Disreali

And it most certainly has. I have never before had someone who was able to express how much I mean to them as honestly and enthusiastically as she has.


What I remember most about it, is that Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic, failed to close out on the shooter. Not only was it wrong on a fundamental level, because you are supposed to contest wide open shots, but given the situation it was unforgivable. Derek Fisher made the three pointer to tie the game, one that the Los Angeles Lakers would go on to win in over time.

In a situation where doing the most basic thing, the most intrinsic of efforts, would secure a victory, he failed. You have to think that he thought the game was won, though there was enough time on the clock for it to be snatched away.

And it was.

I can't scold Nebraska, the person for giving space for a darkhorse to take to the front. All of this, 'The Nebraska Concept', was as unlikely a circumstance as the next nameless stage of my life is. But what made the difference were the simple things, like closing out on the shooter.

We should have dealt with that, with each other more than we did.

You can't assume that something is going to happen because that is what you want to happen. It may seem unlikely that someone would come from the 'way, way out', to disrupt things, but like I tried to tol' ya ...

...THAT is the kind of stuff that happens to me. I get the things that I hope for.


a corgi said...

I'm so happy that you do get the things that you hope for, Mark, but I think its because you define what you want, formulate your plan, and then act on it. And even when side tracked, you still get back on the tracks, so to speak, as quickly as possible and continue to follow your plan to its completion!

so neat that you and SFC compliment each other in soooo many different ways!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Funny thing is that over the past year-plus, you were the one that convinced me that the Nebraska Concept was sound, because I was doubtful. I am glad that my initial gut feeling was sound, and I can say that my gut feeling now is that you are on a solid path :o)