Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Went to make sure that I knew where Bee & Kay were going to be at, to make sure that I can get to it and back again. I know where they are going to be, the general vincinity, but that is about it. I couldn't 'see' it, so I made sure I could find it.

I am really excited to meet someone from out here. I follow the 'Phillip DeFranco Show' on You Tube, and he is going around the country hanging out with people. Makes me wonder how much loot he gets from his little thingy, if he does get enough interest to fund stuff like that.

Spoke to the cat I would like to be the subject of a story, and I keep reading stuff that is in the neighborhood of what I would like to write. He keeps putting me off, and I am going to have to step up my game. I am not going to let this story get away!


A week ago, I mentioned that I had 'gotten next'. I wondered if anyone caught that, as to what it means coming from me.

I thought about that last night reading someone who had to get back 'in line' recently. I sighed, because it was the kind of thing that is not only too common, but part of what keeps the 'Mars-Venus' stuff such a exploitive fianacial success. Should that be the book I write, I prolly would NEVER seek to do a follow up ... I'd go all J.D. Salinger or Harper Lee on the world. Anywho, my heart slowed a beat, the way it does when you hear not good news about someone you had the best hopes for.

Her enthusiasm and happiness was familiar to anyone who finds themselves in something exciting and as promising as a new relationship. I wish that I could have taken her out, and sat at a bar or a ubiquitous chain restaurant and point out all the cats who are trying to cut their eyes to check her out, and the jealousy in the eyes of the women who wished they were in a couple that looked as good as we were looking!

I would have made her laugh, and feel good about herself. I would even let her eat most of the dessert! I wouldn't let her fall back into a less than good space, and make sure she understood that this was an isolated incident, and that for real, he did you a favor. I would even use my EX WIFE as an example of the kind of harm that can come when you mess in a relationship after you know it isn't the best thing for you.

But when we got back to her place and I got on my bike to go home, I would have been thinking ... as I was last night sitting in Border's about I am really about to take MY TURN.


And it is only HALF over!! When I mentioned 'things have changed', it was only in reference to the 'Nebraska' part of the Nebraska Concept. From that, things have changed once again. And like Voltron, 'the changes just don't stop'.

This time when the month is over, so many questions will be answered for me. They don't nag, but linger and hover over me. Even if I am not a lucky cat, I certainly have told myself that I am long enough to believe it!

'Scope Control' hasn't been effectively implemented. But I will see what develops from the new planning to reach the objectives ahead. Both Nebraska and AKA have been fully appraised of the new direction, and that was done as well as can be expected.

And on that note, I will continue down my path ...


Beth said...

I know you won't have any problem finding it. When we get there and talk Wed. night, we'll be able to provide some landmarks for you, like "it's right between the bowling alley and the miniature golf course!" LOL We're really looking forward to it, Mark! Hugs, Beth

a corgi said...

wow Mark, this is the week you get to meet Ken/Beth! how exciting!! I'm sure you guys will have a great time together!!

Honestly, I didn't catch the "gotten next" from one of your entries, I don't think I still get it or "in line" reference you mentioned. You are such a deep thinker at times its hard to keep up with your train of thought since you think so well. I hope you explain it so I can see what they refer to

So things changed again with Nebraska and the concept; never a dull moment for you this month. Thankfully it is more than 1/2 way over now


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looking forward to some real face time :o) Today is the day we drive, and meet you tomorrow morning :o)

miss alaineus said...

i am s.l.o.w.l.y working my way through my reading list.

let's review:

-you might or might not be be leaving in july
-nebraska wrote a comment
-you got lightened of 250$
-beth and ken are visiting the feral mitten
-you are in the process of working on getting something published

i am thinking something is going on here to make you think twice about leaving. did you find out anything else about the missing $$$? i hope y'all have a good visit, i won't really be here, going on a work junket today and then the weekend is a wedding (if someone donates $$ to the charity of their choice i will post the pics of me in a dress). lastly, i think it's fab that you are looking on writing an article/ feature. i know you have it in you!