Wednesday, June 17, 2009



So telling both Nebraska and AKA where they stood essentially in my life at this current time went as well as it could be expected.

With Nebraska, it had to be done via email, our primary means of communication. In doing so, I decided on trying out a more disciplined style of writing. Speaking 'straight away', without spending time in the heady realm of 'what if', I told her 'how and why' I came to my decision.

She wished me the best, and I thanked her for that. We have, in my mind, gotten all the way past 'whatever' and since that has been entered into our relationship experience, would think that situation can be dealt with more effectively, should there be a next time.


...but always remain ultimately selfish.

One of the things that 'hearing' about what happened between someone and their now ex -partner, is that as I read it, the cat was cowardly.

Without more intel, I can't say exactly why anything went the way that it did. But when a cat is talking about 'you' when he wants to pull the plug, he really means 'me'.

I haven't been mentioning that I know how AKA feels, to stroke my ego. It has been so that I can remain respectful of her feelings. I told her about my intentions when I first arrived in Detroit. Then when I got my tire bumped by the crap driver, I told her IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS how I felt about my residency in the city (even though Alaina took some neat pics of Belle Isle ... have to ride the park this summer).

Telling her about the recent changes in my life, I did so without talking about 'what if'. There is no speculation other than my desire to make a certain kind of life and that is that. It has NOTHING to do with anything about her, no trait, no core philosophy or anything else. But I guess that is where I guess the difference between me and my friend begins and ends. I think she was being misled.

AKA cried, but I did not ask her 'why'. There wasn't any real need, because it wasn't about anything that she could change that would affect my thinking. This was all about me and doing what was best for me. That was what I told her, and while it may hurt her, she had to understand where I was coming from.

Tomorrow will be hangin' on the square and kickin' it with Ken and Beth. That should be big, big fun. I am sooo happy, I am hoping that I don't faint away! It has been years since I have been in the Science Center. So it is going to be a new experience for me as well.


Beth said...

You know, even without the Star Trek exhibit there, the Science Center sounds like a cool place, but then I'm into that sort of thing. ;) Ken is still sleeping after his night shift, and we'll get up and around this afternoon and head out! I'm excited, too! Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Yawn, I am up, we will be about in an hour or two :o)

a corgi said...

enjoy your time with Beth/Ken, Mark! I'm sure you guys will all have a fantastic time together!!

I think you handled telling both Nebraska and AKA how you felt with dignity and respect for them; I think the tears would be "natural" for AKA if she thought it was going to be something different between the two of you and was disappointed to hear otherwise.

looking forward to how your visit goes :)


Monica said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I truly appreciate the visit. :-) You would like Quick Pick, it's a great place to get your head together while eating a good meal.

Hope you had a great time with Beth & Ken.

As for the other, it sounds like you handled those situations well. Wishing you the best.