Thursday, June 25, 2009



ps i am glad you didnt go all the way out there, my worry was that you would of left and gotten taken advantage of somehow in the guise of something that wasnt all it was cracked up to be.

Oh my ... this made me smile sooo broadly. It was something like this that was one of, if not the first reaction from my Jersey Girl, near the top of them!!

Like most people who really know me, I say that I am going to go and skin a bear, bare handed, then you better hide all the bears in the neighborhood! You know, though to be sure my Mom fretted about me, I am a little uncomfortable with people being concerned about me.

Not going to bore you with that stuff, but I have started to come around to accepting concerns for my well being. So from, "There's no crying in boxing", to saying, "if you really think it is a bad idea, I guess I won't ride from here to Gratiot & 14 mile Road (instead, I went from here to Garden City!) on the first blazing hot and humid day of the year.

I was not worried about what would happen to me, though. Had I not weighed out my concerns prior to making my decision, I wouldn't have been telling myself I was going to go out there anyway.


Don't know what else I could say ... I mean the SFC has already laid out for me and I have done the same thing for her. We have had to keep each other from cracking up, in some tense situations.

I don't know if I am sharing this part because for continuity sake or not, but here goes. I can tell you that I am anal, and the important stuff that is on my mind will recycle, until whatever is recycling it, is satisfied. For instance, though I know that I have packed everything I need, I struggle not to unpack and re-pack everything, checking off a hard copy checklist, that I checked off when I packed.

Even though we were admin soldiers, you are first and always a soldier. And unless Terry Tate is looking for you because you didn't use the correct cover sheet, it is different kind of atmosphere in the military ... PARTICULARLY during an action.

Anywho, I dealt with me getting on Nebraska's nerves ... again, I know that I can do that to some people. But because dontcha know, I actually keep my plans to myself, and this relying on someone to help me out was TOTALLY new, it made me squirrely.

Not so much at something like the above happening, but that something that involves the personal choreography as a big intra state move to unknown country...

But I have spoken enough about that. What is that phrase I have plopped into comments ... oh yeah, GET OVER IT.

I would much rather look ahead to whatever it is that awaits!


I am due back in the Motor on the 5th of July ... IF I come back. Virginia IS for lovers, and that is what we plan to be to each other. When I think about the some of the rationale for going over people I knew ... that they would be able to tell that my true self is true to them, it doesn't get any better than this.

While it will get said, it will be quite refreshing to say to someone, "You know, I would do anything for you", and know that THEY KNOW you mean exactly that. To hear and have someone claim you as theirs and KNOW that is exactly what they mean.

The long walk down the gangway into the terminal at Reagan Airport (someone mentioned somewhere how ironic that the nat'l airport is named for the cat who broke up that ATC's union!)...

Not going to be trying to keep up out here ... will try to take good notes and DEFINITELY will be in love!!


Beth said...

I swear, Mark, reading of your happiness and enthusiasm makes ME want to jump up and down! And that's right--Virginia is for lovers. Yes Virginia, there IS a Jersey Girl. :) Hugs, Beth

a corgi said...

have a great time, Mark; hopefully perhaps down the line SFC has a computer or an access to one so you can at least let us know that you are doing awesome, having a great time and enjoying yourself, etc. When we 'see' you, we will see you back here!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love and Rockets :o)