Monday, June 1, 2009

More Stuff On Monday


The story I posted about the soldier who was brought back from limbo when he heard the rally motto of the 101st, was on my mind ... and I didn't know why, but perhaps there is a link beyond the obvious.

There was a part of the video where the Father speaks of how he now knows how tough his son is ... and he chokes up a little. It made me think of the look in my Dad's eyes before some of my matches, particurlarly my 'beat Illinois' match. I remember everyone being worried ... but that is always the way it has gone for me. I take risks, and while to me they are all measured, I can see where folks would be a bit concerned.

Did I also add that he came to see me graduate from Air Assault school? Like the cat in the story, my Dad knows how 'tough' I am. Come to think about it, he knows how tough my darling brother is as well.

But I want to get back on message ... keep those thoughts to myself. Anywho, the cat was from New Jersey. And THAT is where my ol' Army buddy is from!! Stuff keeps going around and around and around ...


Rhapsody said...

Just decided to pop in from my browse through bloggerville on my lunch break.

Interesting post, we are all stronger than we think we are. I believe that when we try to imagine a particular experience we cringe thinking "Oh God, I'll never survive that" and thats mainly because we are imagining from an "ideal" position. However the human capacity to adopt is endless and we lived through experiences, trauma's and heart breaks. The trick is living beyond the expriences and finding balance in the complexities call life.

Stay blessed, & thanks for sharing.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

A deep chord here.

Wes said...


I thank you for the comments at my place my friend. We learn from life sometimes, slowly but surely. I'm learning things everyday, but wish for happiness for all those who have touched my heart&soul.
may life be kind to you good soul.