Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally, it's Friday


I finally won something! I got this from Beth over at Nutwood Junction! She gave it away, essentially. It was a reference to the rock band Kiss, and I rushed to post the answer.

Kiss is a band that had a lot of love for Detroit ... same with Prince. The last time he toured here, he did like 11 concerts (not really, but he did play 3 dates that kept getting sold out), because Detroit was a special place to him.

I think that the Motor City was super special to Kiss as well. 'Detroit Rock City' is a way cool song, and I would think that they made if for a reason ... going back to Mitch Ryder and Iggy Pop, there have been some way cool bands from here. It is said that as much musical heritage Detroit had, there isn't a 'district', like a Beale Street or anything here to celebrate it. But I am not surprised. There aren't a lot of landmarks celebrating much that is notable about Detroit, and that is sad.

For real, I would not be surprised that Ken and Beth come to Detroit, and find more things about this place than I do, and I grew up here! Prolly walking by history every day ... but I digress.

The twins are in Kansas together and their best friend is hangin' with them, and he lives in Kansas City. If I was there, you could say that it is 48219 reunion in the Farmland!

One of the commercials from one of the most insipid ad campaigns in recent memory, is the dopey Pizza Hut Tuscany Pasta themed ads, where you are eating somewhere and they subsituture Pizza Hut pasta for the regular fare.

Not going to say that the stuff they serve at Pizza Hut isn't good, but to swap it out at an exclusive restaruant? An authentic restaurant in Italy? Oh come the hell on!! The latest one, where they 'blindfold' the family, drive them around and they are surprised that they are back at home. Whaa? Are they on hallucingens? How would they not realize they are not at home? You'd think the familiar scent of 'family farts' from the couch would have let them know where they were ... not to mention the smelly refrigerator and the chum-filled sink in their kitchen.

In contrast, the Meijer's ad, where the lady ask how her friend has all the neat stuff. I giggle at it every time I see it.

Not exactly what is on my mind today, is what is going 'up'. I think Beth caught a peek at what is, so when I get things together, she for sure will have had an advance screening.

I am a little worn from running in the steady rain yesterday. It was a shuttle run, to the library, then to pick up my 'script and then home. It was a long run and I feel like the rain is like being hit with a handful of pebbles for an hour straight.

Hope y'all have a nice weekend. If anyone was here, I would make finger sandwiches and cut up the 7 layer cake and we'd have a real tea party! Sounds like a plan ...


Beth said...

I was happy to pass it along! I knew you'd get it sooner or later! Coming soon to a Nutwood blog near entry about the mag Creem. I wonder if you're familiar with it....

Tawnya said...

I was here... I peek in from time to time, but don't leave a comment...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Trying to finalize my work schedule, then we will be planning our summer, including a trip to your neck of the woods.

Lisa said...

Mark, Congrats on the award- well - deserved !!!!! Have you tasted that Pizza Hut Pasta ? Thier pizza is'nt my favorite, Hugs Lisa

Indigo said...

Congratulations and well deserved dear friend. Why yes, I am behind as usually and working my way up. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

congrats on getting one of Beth's squirrel awards! I don't follow her journal any more but from time to time I pop my head in there to see what is up over at Nutwood Junction so I knew she gives these out; WTG for getting one!

I've been catching up on your entries; off to read the next week's worth; that was an interesting dream you had; glad you had a chance to get it written down before you forgot it; happens a lot to me.

that 7-layer cake sounds delicious; I would have been at the tea party for sure!

I actually like the Pizza Hut pastas; they are a bit over priced but actually tasty