Saturday, May 2, 2009



... there is a horse running named 'I Want Revenge' ... got scratched, but still, is that not a cool, 'Kill Bill' name? There is another horse named 'Dunkirk' ... and that is cool as well.

Horses have cool names. Another scratch was 'Hyrocotherium', which is a dinosaur relative to horses.

ESPN did a profile on Alexander Ovechikin this morning. I am not into hockey as much as I once was (or sports in general for that matter), but I find it interesting when someone who is as big a star as he is, embraces the pressure and the grand stage. Michael Jordan, IMO, was the first of the 'corporate stars', who prefered selling his shoes to showing his personality. For what it is worth, I think he was a let down. LeBron is following in his footsteps, but he is more like Ove, sharing his stage and accepting the spotlight.

I hope he handles it gracefully. Kobe Bryant is tacky and low class. *clink, clink*!

Have to email the Fly Skimmie on Monday to see if her Mom had a nice time ... she does the Derby and has been doing it since she was young. She is originally from southern Ohio, Ma and the Skimmie's Da. I think that it is cool that she has this had this one weekend a year set aside for 'me'. Good idea, no matter how great the relationship is, for one weekend to be designated for 'me'. The love is shown by the respect for the space given.

...and Wes had a good entry ...

... that got me energized. It wasn't that anything specific was said, more that it was just a 'flow' to it.

I am about to get into my day. Not 'into' as in 'start'. I had a nice run, and made a really good breakie, though the $.89 cent Kroger muffin mix TASTED like $.89 muffin mix! Bowl of oatmeal, couple of scrambled eggs and toast to replace the crap muffins. I am straight!

Have a wonderful weekend! Promise, next week gonna get into the 'patterns' (all around you, redirect your view!) I am trying to figure out, as well as 'the 4 way path'!


Beth said...

I once bet on a horse at a Canadian racetrack because his name was Night Rocker. Came in dead last, and that was pretty much the end of my horse betting days. :) Enjoy your weekend!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Getting ready to watch the derby, hoping clean with no injuries (last few years, with Barbaro and such, the race has lost some mystique). Going to watch the Bulls tonight while we graze our dinner :o)

Indigo said...

I'm so not a Derby person. I don't know it falls real close to the animal rights feelings on racing horses - that's just me. I do however find the names of some of the horses rather cool. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

missed the Derby as we were moving; but I always enjoy the pagentry of it; I agree with your Kobe Bryant comment