Friday, May 1, 2009



It seems that there are more people that at least look and see how much scrawl I have written down. I am asking that, because it seem like it, looking at the hit count. To me, getting 7 or 8 'looks' is a lot. For putting up with this mess, I wish I could give y'all something. Hey, I am going to Mrs. Maddox Bakery on Saturday to pick up a loaf of the best 7 layer cake ever made!!

The people who have owned the bakery, have had it for many, many years. My Mom used to go to it when it was somewhere ... I found it when we moved to 48235, and it was located at the corner of 7 mile and St. Mary's. My newspaper station was across the the street, on the east side of St. Mary's.

Good, good, good times!


My Army Sis said of me and my darling brother that we had 'charisma', and she used to say it in the same fashion as the lady in the 'Just A Gigolo' video when she would speak on why so many people liked us. Of course Jan was infuriated, because not only were we so alpha - omega to each other (light v. dark, boxer v. figure skater, good in school v. less than good) in her eyes, she didn't think whatever it was we were doing merited the attention we got from others.

But she was always a short sighted wench, and that is that with that. One of the things that I got across to him, was that you will always find more flies with honey than you would with vinegar. When we played, I would make sure to celebrate his efforts ... but I don't want to get off track.

I am looking forward to seeing if my 'powers' as strong enough to carry me when I get to Nebraska. The ability to reach people and connect, has been something I have always possessed. Not like I have ever used it for evil or anything!!

When I get to Nebraska, I will get a new start to be who I want to be. I told Nebraska (the person), that when I get 'in country', that I don't want to necessarily be introduced from anywhere than the other side of town. I don't want any preconceptions about me, to be ones beyond my control. There will be enough that I have to share about me, with out being pegged as 'upstate' or whatever they call people from big cities in corn country.

She shouldn't have to feel that she is concealing anything. I adjust pretty quickly, and will assimilate fast. Besides, I want to dictate the feeling out process. 'Taking the high ground', is what I consider myself doing. Being out front gives me an element of control, and when I meet people, I get to assess them as they get to know me.

Like I did with AKA.


I have talk some smack about her 'running third' and it being highly unlikely that we'd ever be a couple. In fact, my nephew asked me about it while I made him dinner, if she was my girlfriend. Would have been cruel, if I were to have him ask her himself, because she can't answer 'yes', when we have had that conversation 4 times since I have been home.

And because it should have only needed to be said once, this is off the first conversation we had about 'us'.

I was working with my BFF, and in our 'pen' in the cube stockyard where we worked, there was this girl, I called her 'lil' Magic', because she resemebled the character on 'In Living Color', the little performance kid and her ghetto stage Mom. She thought she was something special ... except she wasn't. She had her degree from EMU, and while I am not going to hate on her for that, it isn't like I didn't have some education to me either. BFF, was very capable, prolly why she is the only one from our clique that has ridden out everything and has even thrived.

Anywho, lil' Magic was part of a bougie social group of young people. She dinged upon us, and invited us down to a gathering at this bar, Marylin's on Monroe. I remember it because it is where I discovered the Astoria Bakery!! I hadn't been too long in Detroit myself, so there was some cosmetic things I had to catch up on.

Oh, and it is where I met AKA.

Though this 'social organization' was supposedly doing work with young people, these phony folk did not seem to have their heart into it. Me and my BFF, would laugh at the phoniness, and I told her how they reminded me of the Bennett Belles I would pick off like birds on a line.

After a couple of shots of Cognac, I went a step further. I said that since, lil' Magic thinks she is doing us a favour, I am going to 'show my skills', and pick off one of these lonley birds who are pretending to be what they aren't. Little did I know, the bird I chose, was one of the groups officers and highly regarded.

Caught her at the bar downstairs alone, and I bought her drink and us an appetitzer. THEN I introduced myself! Struck up a conversation and we chatted until whatever the group was doing, started. Lil' Magic mouth dropped when she saw us together. Apparently, lil' Magic and her granny panties (she wore cheap underwear ... crap slips and bra ... so it didn't take a mental heavyweight to figure that someone who thought of 'Dots' as haute couture, had problems with lingerie!!) thought she had a chance. She was mistaken.

We'd hit it off, and I would take her out on dates to Mario's and some fancy place on the east side ... can't catch the name. Continuing, we had nice conversations and I enjoyed her company. And the feeling was very mutual. Then she opened her mouth.


I want to say she was talking about someone who is close to her situation with their children, and it was a guy. Talked about they had a child out of his main relationship, and how she felt about it. She hadn't met Skye yet, and only seen pictures of my little, little girls. Since I didn't initiate this conversation, I let her roll.

Can't say that I ever spent a moment asking someone to give me a break for having my girls. If you don't like how things are shaking out, that is fine. This is a volunteer gig, can ask you to join but no one is holding a gun to your head.

In short, her position consisted of some 'deathless words', and if you got the brass to say what she said, then that is you. From that moment on, she has been removed from play. And I thought I was too ... except, she kept calling me.


That is an intersting question. Wish I had put that to some of my mates in Carolina or even in the Army. But after that conversation, I knew that she wasn't EVER going to be the one. She couldn't be. Not only did she put her foot in her mouth (because, you can call me what you like ... don't expect me to like it or answer to it!!), but she herself was fraudulent. But since it is late, I am going to call it a day ... or night ... since I ran in the drizzle today, I may try to sleep til 8 and let tomorrow be a day of rest. Talk about my run next time, too.


Anonymous said...

Your hit count is probably higher. People who read you blog in newsreaders won't show up, and neither will people who browse with javascript turned off.

Beth said...

When you get to Nebraska (the state), just be yourself. Be who you are, and part of that is that you're from Detroit. That might even be part of your charm. :) Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Be yourself, and do not worry about pre-scripting. If they cannot accept you for you, then they are not worth being acceptees.