Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Script Issues

... wait, didn't I see this movie before?

In fact, I did. Carolina came here December 3 of last year and did pretty much the same thing to State as they did last night. *sigh* I had hoped that it would be different. But here goes some Detroit/Michigan insecurites.

Personally, I don't feel as if State was embraced as the cuddly 'little team that could' by the national media. Read some weeklies, watched plenty o' highlight shows, and the Spartans didn't get mentioned prominently until this week. And even then, it was to say how they were going to get beaten by the Tar Heels.

There isn't anything 'fuzzy and cuddly' about things from Michigan. It's okay, because like Chicago and Cleveland and other Midwest cities and places, I don't know if it matters. Green Bay was selling out Packer games BEFORE Brett Farve, and they had some horrible teams then.

After State won its last title back in '00, Tom Izzo had mentioned how that the previous season, they lost in the Final Four, and how the team met in a hotel and said that they were going to win it all next year. He said how they knew it was putting a target on their back, but if you don't go out and let people know what you are going to do, he didn't know how you ever get back to that level.

At the start of the season, he set out the goals which were to win the Big Ten title outright and play in the Final Four. In that way, mission was accomplished. I was proud of the way the Spartans played, running out the game until the very end. It can truly be said that they did their best, and sometime that is all you can ask of a person.


"If the rule you followed brought you to this, what good was the rule?" - Anton Chigura, in the movie "No Country For Old Men"

I have been having trouble getting what is on my mind 'out'. I have tried to write out long hand what I am thinking, start over and again typing. Then I remembered what is attibuted to Einstein, about ' making things simple but not too simple.' That is what this is about for me. Something so simple, that it can't help but be understood. A truth that when applied, is true for any situation under any condition.

Don't know what is there not to get about that. In my 'Run 'n Shoot' days, I kept ending up short of winning the 'big one', though I was putting up big numbers. I did an inventory, took out what I thought was bad, left in what I thought was cool, then I started act the way I percieve someone who wanted to find a life partner acted.

The Chigura line, is on the same plane as this quote by Nietzsche, "Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chose, few in pursuit of the goal" . If what you do isn't making you happy, then why are you doing it? If where you are going isn't taking you the way you want, then why are you going that way at all?

Some women get lost in the contrast between what they want and how they think it can happen. Because some feel that they can 'change' something, no matter how unlikely their want or hope is. So they stay on the same path, expecting somehow to get different outcomes. Wait ... doesn't that sound like that insanity thing?

There are women who operate within their delusion, and it acts upon them and it eventually becomes a 'break' from any perceptible reality. From where I am now, to hear women talk about 'bad boys' and wanting a man to have some of that 'thug' in him, is very disappointing. I don't nor ever have, wanted to look into the rationale behind that. I would have thought that basic maturation would have solved for all that. While I prolly would chat up someone in their late 20's NOW, I can't imagine wanting to be bothered with someone more than 7 to 10 years younger than me for too much longer.

How much more disappointing is it then, to be looking at a peer, and seeing the immaturity that I thought was left behind, is still doing well. What can you tell them? It strains me, because I don't want to say to anyone that what they are looking for is not going to happen ... but geez Louise, you'd think they'd know that themselves.

Which is the appeal of knowing that is isn't only the path, but the goal that determines where you should go. Being able to keep sight of what you want most of all is factor that means the most. Do you want to be happy in a relationship? Then it should show up in how you act and comport yourself each and every day.

Being ready for what you want, is like winning ...


Beth said...

Well, I was sorry to see the outcome of the game. But I agree, State never gave up and kept playing the game all the way up till the end. They may not have won the championship, but for not admitting defeat until the game was officially over, they're winners in my book.

Hugs, Beth

Her Side said...

Good post. Strange, I have had that conversation a few times over the past year... in several contexts... and the last time happened to be last night.

How do we keep doing something we hate, or stay on roads that don't clearly lead to what we want?

We either love what we're doing (and don't want to admit it) or we haven't done a very good job of defining what we hope to see at the end of the road.

Myra said...

It was an ugly game, reminded me of the Louiseville vs UA game a couple of weeks earlier! UGH! I actually thought they might eek it out at the end, but it was not to be! There's always next year :)