Monday, April 6, 2009


Don't say you will, then you don't
Don't say you can, then you won't,
Don't say you should when you shouldn't ...
... cause if you do kid, you're on you own!

Say what you say cause it your right
As for me, I ain't got no dog in this fight,
But if I were you and in need of a good sleep to-night
Take some flowers and humility home with you -- and you just might!

Because it's simple really if you want a happy filly
You can start by stopping being so damn silly
Give out a little love and some respect ...
And try not to be surprised by what you get!

Cause out in the club, you won't find your love
And what you find I can only think of (as)
War, famine, plague and pestilence,
Not to mention late with her own damn rent!!

Dude, believe me it won't make you happy,
Out in the world trying to be a 'Sugar Daddy'
Cause all the folks that are impressed with you
When you are gone, they think you are a fool!

"Treat 'em Right', like Chubb Rock once said
And try not to let all that lovin' you get go to your head
Not to mention that when you are R.E.M in that bed
If you are foul, you can get a facial like my man Al Green!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Not sure I get all the references (Al Green facial?), but this was still fun!