Friday, October 17, 2008

What To Expect

Out of 'Friend' ..!

Even though both are going to be public, this is going to become more of a journal. I don't want dwell on the things going on with my life in 'Freind On The Backroads'. It is going to be my place in the sun, where I go to find a moment of zen!

Right now, I am watching this video mash up of Rihanna and the B52's, Love Shack/Shut Up and Drive. This just in, Rihanna is HOT! You know, I have come to the conclusion that the Sage Steele phenonmenon is to get me to broaden my choices in a potential partner.

Nixxie and Pecan Sandie weren't to the template in my mind. They were great girls, and I was fortunate to have had two such quality people cross my life. But this isn't to say that I won't still be interested in full figured women. In fact, I finally spoke to a woman here in the Metro, at the ubiquitous Meijer's where the old DRC once stood. She was a 'normal' Mark girl, so it isn't like I am totally going to abandon my type. More like I am going to 'add' to my potential choices.


What does it mean, to have a favourite song? There are some songs that are so memorable to me, for a variety of reasons. There is a song by a band called 'Boom Boom Satelites' called 'On The Painted Desert' that is song that makes me think about the lushness of sharing a wonderful relationship with someone. Not only that, it is a real place that maybe I CAN share with someone.

The video clip of TV on the Radio performing 'Staring At The Sun' on Letterman has me mesmerized. I bought the cd after hearing a brief snippet on Had no real idea of what their music would sound like, but the high concept name had me hooked. I stare at my monitor, listening to the music and watching their performance thinkin that maybe I will write some lyrics and find a way to put them to music and make someone feel like that song makes me feel.

I wish that I could have found my 'Soundtrack to Nebraska' song list. I may try to read back and pick out the songs to it. There is ONE SONG in particular that makes me think of my trip out there, but that is another entry!

While I ended up making 'How Soon Is Now?' my favourite Smith song, I remember the song, 'This Charming Man' as being the first song that made me pay them any attention. That song, was at one time more true and accurate description of me, at least how I heard it.

'Why ponder life's complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?' is a lyric that I break up and use in my writing. It is my sublte reminder to quit thinking so much and just let some things be. I would like to think that the protagonist was able to find his way to being 'This Charming Man' (yeah, I know that isn't what the song was about, but that is the beauty of making music ... it varies from listener to listener what the song is saying!)

I guess that is going to be it for now. Michigan State v. Ohio State tomorrow afternoon ... and this is going to be a real NPR/football weekend for me! Hope y'all enjoy yours!


Beth said...

Great point, that songs can speak differently to people. A lot of people thought REM's "The One I Love" was such a beautiful love song...but that couldn't be farther from the truth! "A simple prop to occupy my time." More like a hate song!

I'll think of you tonight when I'm dancin' this mess around!

Love, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I can relate to your desire to put things into music, unfortunately, that is definitely not one of my talents.

Have a good weekend Mark.

a corgi said...

there are some songs that I heard at just the right time in my life where the lyrics spoke to me, if that makes sense, and that's why they became my favorite song for that period of life; I sometimes hear one of those songs these days and wonder why I was so enthralled with it at one point in my past, only to remember what I was doing at that point, and it does help spark some memories

music is such a subjective thing for so many people

enjoy the weekend


Celeste said...

LOL Pat when we met, kind of let i be known he was not attracted by "full" figured women. Now he lets me know he is. Good th9ing too. Because I am now a full figure woman! LOL Funny how age can change things(and love)

Monica said...

By adding to the potential types you open more doors. I know I wasn't my husband's "type" but, here we are ... married and yes, happy. :-)

Music speaks to me, however I can't communicate back with music. ::sigh::

Have a good weekend!