Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Getting right to it, it was a 90% successful event. Though I did most of the talking (wow, like that is a surprise!), Tee Jay more than held her own. Almost from the moment she came to pick me up, the air was electric around us. Being able to finally separate from the worries and concerns that comes when you go out with a 'first, first date', was great from both sides. We both had very real expectations of what was about to happen.

She is like so over whatever broke us up, having chalked that up to my coming uncharacteristically apart at the time. She asked why I didn't do anything when I found out that she wasn't part of a coupling, and I told her that at the time that happened, I WAS. What was I going to tell her, in good faith, that she was now available, that I only 'love' Mookie, but I 'really, really love' you? How was I to present myself, if I could find a way to be like all the other cats roaming the dark streets and alleys?

I couldn't tell who was trying to woo who, as she reminded me several times that I was attractive ... and I was taken by her new hairstyle. It really was a mutual admiration thing.

She had something called 'Mango Madness' and I had a Heiniken. The desert was crap (another 'note to self' about MB). We chatted some more about other things, me, with the contrasting juxaposition (I AM at the library and the big dictionary is right here!) between my sister's and me. My Army sis is going to a good posting in Korea, Jan is supposedly Miami bound, and of course my Best Sister is in Chicago.

She understands how that makes me feel. I told her that I have met a friend online who says that they'd help me get established in Nebraska. No Elaine, I did not tell her that 'my friend' is a she, and I will prolly get to why soon enough. After all, her knowing me as she does, to beat on that drum is overkill. I have already told her that I would only stay in Detroit to be with her. Don't think I need to remind her of that.

I told her that I missed 'trading on her ghetto pass', going to clubs and bars with her, people looking at me like, 'who let him in?' and then someone saying, 'Aw, he's cool, he's with Tee Jay!' She had a laugh, and said that maybe I wasn't 'ghetto' enough for her. So I reminded her that she didn't care then and she doesn't now.

Her eyes glinted.

She took me home. She prolly picked up whatever it was Nebraska picked up when she saw me ... still, it didn't put her off. Kissed her good night and floated to the top of the porch, into the house and up to bed ...

...where I slept soundly, and with a smile creasing my face, no doubt!

ANNOUCEMENT: I figure I am going to keep 'Friends' working as 'a blog', but this will be my 'journal'. Hope I don't clog up your mail or take too much of your time (and you know who you are!) with my gibberish.



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had a successful date with Tee-Jay. Spooky that you floated up the stairs though, must be a halloween thing :o)

Beth said...

Mark, so glad to hear that it went well! Did she like the flowers?

I'm smiling--I'm very pleased for you.

Hugs, Beth

Malagutigrrl said...

wooHOO!!!! A Great Date! You GO, boy!

miss alaineus said...

yay team you mark!

rub a virtual elbow with me so maybe some of your charm will pass my way...

the al

Celeste said...

Wonderful my friend.

Thank you. You cheered me up at times when I needed it even though I did not tell you. I f3elt your friendship through the lines.

Monica said...

Sounds like a positive date in many ways. Wishing you the best as I learn more about you and this situation.


Indigo said...

I'm smiling, thinking of you falling asleep with a smile on your face. Awesome news the date went well and everything turned out better than you expected. Your walking lighter as if floating...(Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

date sounded good, Mark; I think I deleted your other journal when I thought you weren't going to write in it; I might need the link again; but I think I can find it; sounds good to keep the 2 blogs