Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday

... first, a word ( or two) about my Army sister

She is the older twin to my best sister, and they are frats, not identical. The twins are smart apples, taking that part from me. I see a lot of influences from me in them, and my Army sister isn't an Army sister by mere chance.

Growing up, she did all the educational extra cirriculars, for instance, she was part of the DAPCEP program. She was tracking for college, until her senior year, when I had blown thru and she told me that she was tired of school, and didn't know what she should do.

We sat down and talked. I told her about what I think the service does for people, and that I am proof of that. It took me out of Detroit, kept me from harm, gave me great opportunity to be something I hadn't considered. Had I not gotten hurt, I would still be there, crying 'death from above' as I typed my DF's for some Colonel!

Keep in mind, I recall telling her, that you aren't in there to get college money or to see the world. When you were the uniform, you are also to serve as the political will of the country. Don't cry if they send you 'somewhere'.

So we talked about her options, and she chose the USAF. Did her first tour, came home. Sat around for a couple of years and though we had fallen out, she did come and ask about going in the Army as prior service. I was like, 'Do that thang!' Recently, she got orders to go to Korea, and we talked a long time about that. I spent a tour over there, and loved it.

Suggested that she let her kids learn Korean, as they are at the ages where it will just sink in and become a 'natural' second language, being immersed in it and all. Since she doesn't talk to me about her marriage and all I am left with is innuendo, I skirted the 'erotic exotica' thing, as far as her hubby is concerned. I wasn't intersted in paying some little girl money to make me 'feel'. What is her hubby going to do, as civilian with time on his hands? Only the Shadow knows. Anyway, she has been married longer than I was, so I am thinking she knows her stuff.

Good wishes to her!


Tee Jay called to confirm our date last night. One of the things that I considered when I was thinking about an 'ex-list' is that someone would know and understand how I do things. AKA forgot and there is consequences for that. Tee Jay remembered, and I can look forward to seeing her.

If someone doesn't confirm a date, then there IS NO DATE. I am not into scrambling around at the point of engagment. There is enough 'friction' that is going to occur without having to scramble around trying to 'get it together'. Tee Jay remembered that, so that is a very good sign.

Went to Meijer's and bought a little floral arrangement to present to her when she comes to get me. Going to a 'Mongolian Barbeque' in Dearborn. Good enough. And yes Genieve, I am a tad nervous. Being nervous is a new thing ... I was EXTREMELY nervous about meeting Nebraska. But that is what personal events like this is about, overcoming your self and things.

Bob Davie gave me this, though it came as he led the Irish into another loss. When asked if his team was 'overwhelemed' by the moment, he testily answered, "We knew the environment." When I saw Nebraska, every thing that I ever was, came to play. Looking back, perhaps it could have been this, maybe it could have been that (as if this and that were related), but it still an encounter that I will feel for the rest of my life.

What do I expect from tonight? That is a good question!


a corgi said...

I think you gave her wonderful advice Mark; I'm glad she listened to you; seems like she's doing good! I have to agree with you; if she got her kids to learn a second language, any language, I think it makes them more marketable in years to come

enjoy the day


Beth said...

I'm glad you and your sis were able to talk about this stuff, and that she actually listens to you! Everyone I've known who was stationed in Korea loved it, so I hope it's a good experience for her and her family.

Aww, aren't you sweet for getting Tee Jay some flowers! Always a nice touch. Mmm, Mongolian barbecue sounds yummy! I hope all goes well tonight, and that you have a good report for us tomorrow. Have fun!

Hugs, Beth

Tawnya said...

Have fun with Tee Jay, you have earned it!! Have you seen the show The Ex list? Pretty interesting...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope your evening went well. I have to admit I am surprised to here you admit to some nervousness :o)

The flowers are nice, and the MB environment allows for talking and such.

Best wishes my friend.