Thursday, October 2, 2008

... only slightly less than yesterday


That is a super cool song from a super cool group, Midnight Oil. Think it is a timeless song, because somewhere in the world, those kinds of conditions exist.

Not that I am a technophobe, but I have never been into computers and figuring out the what's what to being on line. The is definitely a long way for me to go to be in the picture, let alone in the race!

I have no knowledge of how to include a link to my blog in email, let alone to leave it in comments. Gonna have to put on my thinking cap and figure that out, same thing about 'following' and keeping up with blogs of interest to me. Beth sent me an email, and I will have to read that to get an idea of what to do.

Home life is going well. Either late next week or the week after that, I will take Tee Jay out for her birthday. That will be an interesting conversation. AKA is still AKA, and that really isn't that bad. My Dad worries about me if I am out too late ... so COOL! It has been forever since I felt that from anyone that really meant it. I mean, I am sure that Mookie worried about me, but given the outcome of our relationship, I wonder about the depth of her concerns.

My Dad, being a stoic, whenever he says something, you know it came from somewhere deep. His asking a 41-year old, 'When are you coming home?", one who he has noted himself, has a bit of 'the wanderer' in him, is a worry sign. I like that, to know someone really, really cares about me.

This also means that when I tell people that, "My Dad is going to worry", it won't be an excuse. Not that it would prevent me from taking off (uh, that isn't how you do things with him ... or ME for that matter) to Nebraska, but it is nice to know!


Yes, I listen to the Shins! 'Chutes Too Narrow' was a good record (cd, digital download, what ever!). Anyway, so far I have acknowledged 'the dark horse' in my life, and AKA is running for show money. Tee Jay is in second, but in the lead by 4 lengths, is the Nebraska Concept.

I will be speaking at legnth about her, as facing her is something I have to do. I have unsettled feelings about her, some positive (like still being in love with her), some negative (uh Mark, you know how you feel about the female hegemony in black relations ... and Tee Jay's world is filled with Matriachal tendencies ... do YOU want to subject yourself to that ..?), and some that fall into a shade of grey.

Prolly be more into my old self in the new journal ... talking about movies, music, exercise and eating cookies and good Mexican food! Want to see exactly how far I can ride my bike in one day, before the snow comes and limits my trips. I want to ride out to the Dave 'n Busters out in the 48315 because it would be a nice long ride to close out my warm weather fitness season.

There is a line from one of my 'Top 5' groups (that is an entry for my new blog) 'I got a light year to get to the phone now, I'm gonna contact you when I get home', and I haven't quite gotten there yet.

Anyway, I am sure that I will find most if not all of you ... because I will be out there looking!

Peace, love and hairgrease ..!


luvrte66 said...

Whammy Kiss!

How cool is it that your Dad still worries about you? Believe me, it doesn't matter how old we get, our folks still worry about us!

I left you a comment over on your new blog. :)

Hugs, Beth

lv2trnscrb said...

isn't that neat that your dad still worries about you and wonders when you'll be coming home?? I'm the same with that kid of mine but I'm trying to be cool about it and give him some space

here's how you can leave the link to your new  journal here in this journal

cut the Hhtp address (like I wrote how to in the email I sent you; basically open your new journal and across the white bar in the middle of the page towards the top should be the http address; cut that (right click on mouse; highlight the area then hit cut) then on this journal; just paste it where you want it and the link should be there; let me know if it works :)

better yet I'll know if it works because I'll get an alert that you made a new entry and I'll see the link there

have a good day


nightmaremom said...

ok I must be missing something as I can't find your new blog... can you link it?

toonguykc said...

You have a new blog already?? Where?? I worry we'll all lose contact after 10/31.


frankandmary said...

Haaaaa. Maybe I should get your new link from Beth :-). My decision not to blog was sort of on the horizon anyway, this just pushed it up. That doesn't mean I won't stop in on others from time to time, so I will make sure I get your blog info.
"to know someone really, really cares about me"    I am sure there is more than one someone.... ~Mary