Wednesday, September 17, 2008

... topping things off


Is that what my Buckeyes are?  Only good enough to beat the teams that they can beat, but not even compete against the squads that they can't?  I have always, always wondered what do teams, people like that think?

The cat who lived around the corner from me, who I could only beat once, was a world amateur champ, and beat some flat out famous cats growing up, so when I moved from Detroit, and finally got a chance to grow, I did have a run, that is before I tripped myself.

But as good as he was, he never left the confines of his hometown, and didn't even get a chance to grow as a pro.  Later in our careers, when I was a little hot stuff fighting for money, they tried to match us ... but it would have been a back step for me, cause he hadn't grown into anything to justify the risk.

To me, if you haven't taken your stuff to where the brightest light are shining, you haven't earn the right to stick your 'achievements' in my face.  If you are going to reach, may as well reach for the stars, otherwise, you are just campin'!  Somehow, you only cheat yourself by never finding out, and you cheat the world of being the person that it needed.

... if that makes any sense.  I just know it does to me.

Next Issue: Something COMPLETELY different! (hint: remember, this is a NC-17 content journal!)


malagutigrrl said...

If you are going to reach, may as well reach for the stars, otherwise, you are just campin'

What a great quote.  I'm writing that one down...

luvrte66 said...

I liked the "reach for the stars, otherwise you're just campin'!" phrase!

NC-17 stuff coming up? Uh-oh! I'm intrigued. :)


frankandmary said...

You recently checked my journal out & decided to return the favor :-).  I used to want to leave the confines of my hometown; changed my mind. I like it here now & the memories are of comfort. I do understand your point, re him & his career. & no matter what a person accomplishes, it is diminished to me if they stick it in anyone's face. ~Mary

buckoclown said...

I love the analogy about being the best locally, but that meaning nothing in the bigger arena.  Great entry :o)

lv2trnscrb said...

but did he want to leave his confines? did he want to do more than just what he did? I guess that would be the big question for him if he was just content with what he had; but I can understand why that would have stunted his ability and growth; interesting thoughts