Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Football ..!


... I would eat her up!  ESPN Sportscenter has taken on a regular morning show feel after the 9 a.m. repeat, with a Hannah Storm and some cat doing the hosting duties, and my girl Sage with the job as the news update/review person.  She is just as pretty as a sunflower, and I can smell her perfume (though I have no idea of what she wears!).

This is a big shift for me, 'fixating' on someone like her.  What does it mean?  Will the next lady in my life be a 'Mica babe' like the aforemention Miss Steele?  Will she be able to 'understand' sports, so that we can watch together?  Is she going to have an athletic background, and will we work out together and do road races and stuff?

Don't really know, only that I am up to running off to meet 'her'!


Me and SD went to see 'The Women' on Saturday.  I enjoyed it, but don't go if you want to take something seriously.  We were up to our old tricks, chatting people up in line, and letting people think we were a married couple!  I was a little surprised that she did want to go out with me, as her friends have said that they would 'shun' her if she did.  Yeah, I know why.  She got her feelings hurt ... another day for that, maybe.

That was Saturday afternoon.  That evening, AKA and I went to hear JL King, who wrote a book about the 'Down Low' thing, in fact you could say his writing started it.  It was a cool discussion, but he is still in denial, something I had picked up from the 'Oprah' show he was on years ago.  Anywho, he also spoke on self-publishing, which is why AKA made sure I knew he was in town.


Lost on the national stage yet again ... but who is the best team in the midwest?  Yeah, just what I THOUGHT you would say.  But sometimes, that gets a little frustrating, being superior to all the people in your own neighborhood, especially when it isn't the toughest neighborhood around.

When I was boxing, being a top Detroit fighter meant that you were prolly one of the best in the country, because the WORLDS best were here.  There were cats that HAVE went on to greater success, amateur and pro, and had I been able to have beat them ...

Anywho, right now, if you aren't from the SEC, you can't claim any conference strength.  Is there another school playing football in the Pac-10, or all they surfin' still?  The ACC?  Another basketball conference masquerading as a football league.  Could go on, and on.

So Ohio State, is the best around, but is that enough for them?  Are they striving for more, and what effect does it have to be the 'best' only to find out they are still as far as they can be from the best, that the worst is closer to them, than they are to the top?


The library computer is crap, can't finish my thought.  Will go down to WSU to finish up and stuff ... if not, will pick up where I left off ..!


luvrte66 said...

Okay, so I had to Google Sage Steele because I couldn't picture her. Yep, she is very pretty! I hope you DO find someone who is into sports...Ken and I love to watch sports together, and we have a lot of fun! I'm trying to calm down about it a bit, because I can get SO into it, and in my younger days, I would be upset for days if my team lost. I don't like to have my emotions so dependent upon a team's performance!

Somehow, I can totally see you chatting with people while waiting in line. Maybe messin' with them a little bit. That can be some fun!

No comment on the Ohio State team, but I think striving to be one's best is something to work matter who you are. :)


lv2trnscrb said...

I need to check out who Sage Steele is because this is not the first time you have mentioned her; I did hear that movie "The Women" was pretty good; I always like talking with people in line when I'm waiting; makes the time go by faster

hoping to see a longer entry from you later when you can :)


malagutigrrl said...

I've got my own crush going on with Rachel Maddow who has her own show on MSNBC now at 9pm.  Chicks who talk politics are sooo sexy!!
Thought about you earlier... was coming from the grocery store and caught sight of a guy working out with a punching bag in his back yard.  He wasn't just punching... it was obvious he was a boxer...

buckoclown said...

I know I was in heaven when Illinois beat THE Ohio State last year :o)