Thursday, September 25, 2008


That is what 'The Today Show' was, and being a native Detroiter, I wondered if their set up is this crap in other cities, or is it unique to a crap location.  There was only a small motnitor, about the size of the one I am looking at now, barely there audio ... so I missed the Letterman rant, and the relationship discussion (with Finesse Mitchell's book at home!) that I could barley view.

Did have 'brushes with greatness', shaking hands with Mitt (Sec. of 'Lookin' Good' as Jon Stewart said) Romney and the petit, delicate Govenor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm.  One of the local news women, wanted to act like she didn't remember me, but I know she did.  No worries as I don't 'tell', so her secret is safe with me.

Went to 'Creperie' to get a crepe.  Nice little place just east of Woodward on John R. .  Would be super cool if she was to get some traffic, but the building facing it, needs to be demolished and something else put there.  What would happen to the little crepe place if that were to happen?


Went to the GM bldg. and looked across the river.  Saw Canada.  Now I have as much international diplomatic experience as Gov. Palin! 

What I would call the propsal to re-schedule the debates by McCain, is 'extending the game'.  That is where the less talent side applies tactics to limit the other sides chances.  Doesn't matter that they are not better, but it is easier to win a 2 of 3, than a 4 of 7 series.  The better team wins the longer series.  By shortening the time voters have to think about their selection, they can con people into forgetting that a little while ago, McCain thought the economy was fine, and has said on several occasions, that he didn't know much about it and he would keep on doin' what Bush was doin' with it. 

And that was making a mess.


Gonna have to 'get back into character' in October.  Have several birthday dinners and a date scheduled for the last quarter of the year.  I am going to indulge myself in a little random association.

I don't know what Mookie thinks of herself, or thought of me.  I say this because her actions were of someone who was lost, if not in her own mind, then she was lost to me.

Would have loved to hear what the relationship discussion was about.  It feels like it is always about men being a certain way, and that way is WRONG.  Whenever the talk turns to a woman's behavoir in a relationship, IMO, it has a 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge' feel, as if that REALLY couldn't be the problem.

Over 85% of the women that I have known on a intimate, deeper emotional level, believe in the 'Men are from Mars ...' crap that makes up most relationship advice promoted in books and magazines.  I don't think that any of it breaks away from the 'men are this way, so women have to do that or contend with ...', that to me, absolves the woman of too much responsibility and self-determination.

I think it is the effect of the 'Sleeping Beauty/Cinderella syndrome', where women believe that all they have to do is 'be', and Prince Charming is going to come and sweep her away.  All she is bringing to the party is what is between her legs, nothing else.  It may have been different a while ago, but now, not only do women have choices as to whether or not they want to make themselves the way they can imagine, they also have RELATIONSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES.

Cleaning the house is fine, but what does it mean when you forget how to dress to go out to dinner?  Being beautiful and great in the bedroom is okay too, but the price of gas is high, and if you get another credit card ...

That women have extended their reach in society, they still seem to want to have it both ways.  Work but keep their money to themselves ... or forget how to be loving and adoring of her husband or boyfriend (
burying that compromise word, 'partner' ... if you ain't my girlfriend,then we ain't partners ..!

What happens is now the failure of the relationship is primed.  Everyone is out of harmony with how they are supposed to work together, eveyone is out of sync with their roles.  One of the major issues I see, is that women don't prepare themselves for the good things that they want, in a realistic fashion.

I would 'expect victory' boxing, when I knew I had done all that I could to be prepared for the fight to come.  Relationships are no different.  I wonder how Mookie 'prepared' to be in a relationship.  I wonder how women in general prepare for a relationship?  Because had she really considered what she was getting into, then I wouldn't had to find my way from her with this song ...


luvrte66 said...

Way to embed! Woohoo! Actually, for some reason, I couldn't get the video to load from your entry, so I got the URL and watched it that way. (I don't know why that happens sometimes, but it does.) I'd never heard that song--I like it! What was that line..."I hope the next boy that you kiss has something really contagious on his lips." LOL

Wow, you got to shake Mitt's mitt! Ha ha, about the local newswoman!

As you know, I agree with your take on the latest brouhaha with the debate. I'll find the Letterman video and send it to you--I think you'll get a kick out of it.

I'm also with you on relationship responsibilities for both people involved. You can't just go around pushing people's buttons and then not expect them to react. You can't behave badly and not expect consequences. And is there really ANY reason to create drama in any way, shape, or form? Not in my world.

Hugs, Beth

lv2trnscrb said...

I don't see McCain trying to get out of the debate; I left a comment in Beth's journal what I thought; I'm not in the best of moods so I'll just leave the rest of my thoughts to myself;

interesting entry Mark

buckoclown said...

Glad you had an international experience today :o)

To bad the Today Show was not what you hoped, but you got to shake some hands and have a brush with celebrity.

I agree with your philosophy regarding partners. 'nough said.