Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting things back on line


For real, NO MORE POLITICS ..!  Personally, like faith, that is an individual thing, and I have DONE MY DUTY to the extent that I have listened to and compared the canidates.  However complete/incomplete I have accomplished it, it is done.  I am not going to let something that I WOULD HAVE GLADLY DIE FOR, be something that upset others and make them feel anything than how they want to feel.  My words aren't supposed to be used to do that, not to someone I call a friend.

I have a sister in the Army, who wants to go and be deployed.  Rightly or wrongly, I support her choice.  That is a hard thing to understand, but again, it is personal.  I can only hope for the best, and that is how I ultimately feel about those who are our leaders.

After all, I came out here, HOPING someone would read what I was writing, and would be kind enough to sincerly 'talk' with me, and perhaps even become my friend.  That, and maybe I could help them if they were looking for answers to questions.  Sometimes, there are going to be some tough love, but tough love doesn't have to be divisive.  I absolutely DON'T believe in that.

Right now, I am in a 'happy place'.  No doubt.  I have been here before, at a place where I can look and see how the diverging roads and my hopeful future laying out before me.  I am removed from a failed relationship and can 'see' that person who will make me feel what I want someone to make me feel, and I will do the same for them.  It has happened before, and the formula hasn't changed.

"Usefulness is not impaired by imperfection.  You can still drink from a chipped cup."

I like that quote a lot.  I don't worry about the things that I can't do, and I am looking for someone who isn't worried about them either.  Watching the itsy-bitsy monitor at 'The Today Show' set at Campus Martius, I wondered what they were talking about, when the discussion of relationships and Finesse Mitchell was speaking on his book (was he?  don't know ... maybe he was one of those supposed 'authorities' now that he has a book on the subject) ... and thinking 'I could write that book', and I will.

Getting back to talking about the things that I am going thru, my journey with all this sand in my pocket, that is what I am going to start doing.  Talking about the spinnings in my small part of the world, the relationships that are important to me, my daughters, Nebraska, Tee Jay, the Astoria Bakery (the world BEST cookies, I kid you not!) and being the dreamer that is going to make dreams come true ...

Tonight's episode of 'Earl' featuring Seth Green was a good one.  I like how when the opportunity for him to have his 'dream' come true of making his movie, he was ready for it.  He didn't let the difficulty that may have been obvious to someone on the outside, bother him or affect his goal.  He got there the way he wanted, without burdening Earl and the others with what he knew, that he was dying.

He never compromised what was his dream, and he gave so much more back.  "Dying for each other.  Getting so much more back."  The guy gave so much more by not letting his dream go.  Everyone was proud of the work they done, at what they achieved ...

"... the avenging angel of light, the champion of darkness ..." is a self-description of one of my fave comic characters, Adam Warlock.  He embraced what he was, after not knowing and wandering the universe in search of who that person was.  Of course, I wouldn't have used those words, if I did not see some of who I AM in them.

Tough love doesn't mean that you have to hurt someone.  Tough love doesn't mean you have to be insensitive.  Tough love to me, is about finding the best way about accomplishing something, and doing what it takes to get it done, without compromised.  That is tough enough. 

'Getting back into character', isn't going to mean I have to try to be something I am not, something that I have no interest in being.  Yup, there are going to be Tee Jay, Nebraska and AKA stories ... not to mention a host of others.  I am going to pine for my daughters, talk to and visit them and build a relationship with them.

Oh, I am going to find my way to where it is that I want to go.  Period.  And be supportive of those I love, and if you have traded emails with me, you know who you are.

And that is, "always".


buckoclown said...

Wow Mark, a lot to contemplate and respond to :o)

First, I agree with your no more politics position.  If you have not yet made up your mind, then you need to watch the debates and decide.  I sincerely doubt that anything we J-Landers can write will sway an opinion.

Second, my prayers and thoughts go out to your sister.  She is an inspiration.

Third, my friend, I have enjoyed talking with you and sharing with you, on both of our journeys.

Last, please make sure you always have plenty of sand in your pocket, because I have a hard time imagining you running out of grains to share with us :o)

luvrte66 said...

Always, ;)


lv2trnscrb said...

thank you Mark; I think I understand :)